Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2016

As the years comes so very close to rolling over into 2016 I decided to go back and visit my 2015 New Years Resolution post to see just how much I was actually able to do. Generally I will write a post, write down my list to hang on the wall, and walk away from the post with my goals in mind. I find it a lot of fun to go back and read what all I wrote and to see if I was able to fulfill what I wanted or if I utterly crashed and burned haha

Needless to say I'm not successful even 50% of the time with my goals. But to me that's still good! I set a lot of goals for myself on New Years, some that are rather "unrealistic" or "lofty", but I like having a lot of things I want to get done and outlining a plan :)

So without further ado, I shall review over my previous years list as well as set some new ones!
(I'll of course go over the cosplay and lolita ones in their own respective posts and link them down below~)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A bit Upsetting...

Been working rather diligently to go through all my old pictures to add watermarking. I'm sorry for how ugly this is going to end up being and I'll do my best to make it as non-obtrusive as possible. But at this point I have found multiple other places re-posting my images without credit and a few people even using them to sell things on LaceMarket :\

I usually don't have much of a problem with others using my photos for things so long as they let me know! ASK ME if you want to use anything for a background or icons or ANYTHING and I can send you the HUGE non-edited and non-resized photos! All I really ask is that you credit me for taking the picture and send  a link back, ya' know?

I work pretty hard to take decent pictures and write up things here. I started it in hopes that it would help people make decisions about things to buy or not to buy and maybe someone might fall in love with a dress or two along the way :)
But it's really disheartening and upsetting to me when my photos get taken.
Yeah yeah I know, it's a fact of the internet. I really should know better considering how long I've been on it and all that ;\ but still.

So watermarking on everything will now be the norm.

I have at least 20 queued up posts at this point that I just need to finish writing up and adding photos to. I bought a LOT of things during the Bodyline birthday sale back in October? (September?) and it's taking me a lot of time to compile everything.

Winter always seems so busy for me... Stay tuned :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse in Pink & Lavender (L364)

Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse [link]
("Pik" = Pink)
("Pul" = Lavender)
[Review of White]

Size Medium
Length (52cm)
Bust (94cm)
Waist (80cm)
Shoulder length (36cm)
Sleeve length (22cm)

Shortly after Bodyline released a new series of items blouse L364 caught my eye. It seemed like a simple and cute enough blouse to be worn with a variety of dresses, skirts, and styles. I decided I'd give it a shot and order two of these blouses before many other reviews were out about them. The wide variety of colors was also a plus, as well as making it a bit difficult to choose what colors to order. What would be most versatile? What would look best with the wardrobe I have and want to build?

Monday, October 19, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Holy Lantern 2015 re-release Black and White high-waisted JSK [HD photos]

[ Lolibrary Link | Special Set Link ]
Holy Lantern has, over the years, become one of the most sought-after dresses in the lolita community. The all-over design is flocked on a chiffon fabric which has made Holy Lantern a unique dress in it's own right; one that, if rumors had it, was incredibly difficult for Angelic Pretty to produce.

So when it was announced that Angelic Pretty would be re-releasing the series the community was in an uproar of excitement! Shopping services filled up at lightning speed and online communities were abuzz with talk on which dresses might be the most difficult or easiest to get. The 2015 release not only saw two new colorways, navy and black x white, but also the "high waist" cut which had previously been used as the first release's special set. I had personally always loved the style of the special set and decided to try my best to buy that style, but what color? I loved the ivory x black but that color wasn't being produced this time around, so I decided to try for the black x white! I really wished they had made the black x black again and wonder why they hadn't... but I really fell in love with the new black color combo!

It should also be mentioned that the zipper style JSK wasn't being released again! So many people were upset considering that was THEE most popular cut of the series!
But that was all fixed less than a week later when Angelic Pretty announced they would be doing a made-to-order! And with ANOTHER new colorway: pink! Sadly though they decided to leave out navy- though I wish they hadn't because after seeing worn photos it was really pretty! However the ivory is again up for grabs as well as the new black x white colorway being made into the zipper style JSK!

I hem-and-haw'ed a lot if I wanted to buy another dress during the MTO. I sawa chance to get the ivory high-waist JSK but.. I already had the black in that style. Or I could get this new black colorway in the zipper style! But I always had the black in another style. I literally spent until a few hours before the cut-off date to decide if I wanted anything at all. I ended up ordering the zipper JSK in ivory and decided if I didn't like it I might be able to trade with another girl ^^;; here's to hoping!

Jumper skirt stats:

Bust: 33.5 ~ 41in (85~105cm)
Waist: 31.8 ~ 39in (81~100cm)
Length: 35in (89cm includes lace)

Product Number:  152PJ09-020017
Colors:  Black, Lavender, Navy, Wine/Bordeaux (Pink and Ivory added for the made-to-order)

Full review to come later~

Saturday, September 19, 2015

[Bodyline Review] White Cotton Knit Bolero (L237)

Cotton Knit Bolero [link]
("Pik" = Pink)
("Owh" = Off White)

(Size Medium)
Length: 14in (37cm)
Bust: 33in (84cm)
Shoulder Width: 13in (34cm)
Sleeve length: 23in (60cm)

As I was first starting out and growing my lolita wardrobe it was fall in the Pacific Northwest and thus it was cold, rainy, and just all those good things that make it sweater weather! Most of my normal cardigans were much too long to wear with any lolita dresses or skirts so I figured buying some more suitable ones would be a good idea if I wanted to dress up during such a season. I was still very new and to me brands such as "Angelic Pretty" or "Baby the Stars Shine Bright" seemed expensive for a hobby I wasn't 100% sure I was going to stick with. And thus I bought these boleros from Bodyline.

That totally sounds like the beginning of a horror story!
(Note: I decided to only take pictures of the white bolero as the fabric I use as a backdrop is pink)

Friday, September 11, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Sax Blue "Pussy Bow" Blouse (L373)

Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse [link]
("Sax" = Saxon Blue)

Length: 52cm (20.5in)
Bust: 88cm (34.6in)
Waist: 78cm (30.7in)
Shoulder length: 34cm (13in)
Sleeve length: 18cm (7in)

I honestly wasn't sure what I thought of this blouse when I first saw the stock photo; the neck tie is so encompassing that it was a bit hard to see passed it to the actual blouse. While Bodyline has been "upping their game" with their stock photos every now and again I find them falling short. While this one does do a good job at showing how the blouse looks with the tie it also doesn't let you see all that much detail on, ya know, the actual blouse.

After scouring the internet a bit for some other photos from girls either wearing it or trying to sell it I decided to give it a shot and bought it in the saxon blue. I'm a bit weird when it comes to lolita as I'm honestly not a fan of huge Peter Pan style collars as I get the notion they end up eating your neck- so the fact that this is was a high collar blouse really interested me! It could be cute without too much going on like L364.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mid-August Update

Have you ever felt like you've been immensely busy while simultaneously getting nothing done?
That's so me right now.
It's a really crappy feeling and place to be in. I've been constantly cleaning, typing, taking pictures, etc and yet don't really have much to show for it? I had taken a bunch of photos of lolita items and, like a stupid, forgot to check my settings on my camera and thus the photos came out really grainy. I'm not sure if I want to try and salvage them or just retake them altogether.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Newcon Mini - Last Minute Event

His eyes were red from swimming :P I swear!
I honestly had no intention of attending Newcon's mini event in Portland at all. That is until I had told my friend Ryan about it and he decided it would be his last "hoorah" before moving back to Texas for a bit (he does promise to come back anyway.)
I basically went to work, came home super early (around 4am) and just crashed ASAP in an attempt to get as much rest as I could. The event started at 10am but I knew in my heart of hearts I would not be able to be up, ready, and out the door in time. Especially since I had no idea what I even wanted to wear yet! The weather seemed super iffy and was drizzling a bit all morning so cosplay was a bit, well, out of the question really. I had nothing suited for the cold yet mild atmosphere- only things that would leave me sweating or painfully cold.
So lolita it was.
But what dress? I have no idea!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

KumoriCon "Lite" (long post)

We're cool kids.
Mini convention events seem to be really popular this year with a lot of local cons holding such events. As it turns out KumoriCon is no different! The convention decided to hold a one day event on Saturday June 27th at the Double Tree in Portland.

I had agreed to attend a wedding later in the day so I had to make sure that whatever I chose to wore could either A) be easy to change out of or B) work for both events. I honestly DID want to cosplay but with the weather in Portland hovering around the 100s for far too long I knew it would be in my best interest to dress a bit more comfortably.

Mayhaps in hindsight lolita wasn't the best option but it was certainly far more comfortable than any cosplay I was interested in wearing. I know I keep telling myself I need to have more of a presence in the local cosplay scene ~_~ but at the same time I feel weird leaving my apartment in full cosplay to go somewhere, you know? Lolita, oddly enough, feels a lot less strange for me to walk around the general public in.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

First week back after vacation - Let's rant about change!

My cat understands how I feel.
That first week of work after a vacation really does feel like murder; I can't think of any other way to describe it! Just murder ~_~;; I slept too much and didn't eat very well this whole week. And from what I understand the first day I was on vacation one of the machines went down! And was acting up terribly this whole last week I was back. So needless to say I lost a lot of work hours (6 total all week?) So now my check is going to be short and I'm just going to fret terribly about it like I always do. I'm thinking more and more that at my review this month I'm going to ask- no, DEMAND. I get a raise at work. I know this sounds pushy but I have not gotten one for nearly 2 years now and prices and rent keep going up.

Though realistically I just need a new job. I told myself I wouldn't post negative stuff here or anything about my job ^^;; but it's also important for me I ramble a bit about this (but at the same time I talk a lot about it but never DO anything...) I've got a possible opportunity at a really great place to work! So I just need to make sure my resume looks pretty and send it in. Honestly though? I'm scared of the change. I've been where I'm at so long that quitting really is a huge thing! If I had a kid for as long as I've been at my job it'd already be in 4th grade at this point! (I started in March of 2006.)

But change isn't bad. I often times remind myself this as I do not face change well- or the enacting of change for myself. Even if for the better. I freeze up in fear really bad and choose inaction as a safer route than action (and thus the unknown of what that change would bring). I'm really terrible at this.
But it's time.
And it's long overdue.

Friday, May 22, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Triple Bow lolita shoes (shoe259)

Triple Bow lolita shoes [link]
("dpink" aka Dark Pink)

Heel height: in (5.8cm)
Front platform: in (1.3cm)

I'll be completely honest outright. I've always thought these shoes were ugly. TOO sweet for my taste. I like cute things and bows as much as the next sweet lolita but my personal style falls on a weird line between sweet and classic. So these shoes with their giant clown-esque round toes and large bows all over were never something I thought I would be buying.

And then cosplays I want to do start getting planned for and I go in search of shoes. And these ended up being the closest in style without breaking my bank for what I needed. The cosplay is of Ranka Lee from the second Macross Frontier movie "Sayonara no Tsubasa"- namely her "Niji Iro Kuma Kuma" outfit. Aside from heavily altering some heels or finding other shoes I opted for an option I seemed less likely to hurt myself trying to walk in ^^;; (I'll talk more about these shoes for cosplay use once I make posts and progress on that.)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prepping for Fanime: One cosplay at a time...

For as certain I was about getting Sailor Mercury done for SakuraCon I am THAT unsure I will get ANYTHING done in time for Fanime  u_u  I -believe- we're heading down Thursday (driving) and coming back Sunday so I honestly have very few days to get all my things done... and I haven't even started on the main cosplay I want to bring!
Saki!!~~ Stole this photo from OtakuDepot [LINK]

So far the only things I can think of that I already have nearly donw would be comfortable wearing in the California heat are Weresheep (Monster Girls) and maybe a Lum costume. For the one I really am worrying about though I know I'm going to die wearing LOL. But my friend (Mewchi Cosplay) and I were talking about things we wanted to make and I mentioned wanting to remake Ritsuko from Kujibiki Unbalanced- to which she got mega excited and I found out she really liked Genshiken! I was super excited and we ended up agreeing to doing the outfit of where Saki is cosplaying as Ritsuko in her "battle outfit" and the matching one Ohno wears for it~

She's so perfect as Ohno! And I hope I make an okay Saki/Ritsuko ^^;; I'm mostly basing my cosplay off of one figure I like the color scheme on. Otherwise her cosplay is vastly different between each iteration. I can make the fabric bits no problem but the helmet is giving me grief. It always does. It did my first time around! And now with how beat up my old one has become over the years I need to remake it ~_~;; I've already been working at it for several hours today and only took this short break to eat something...

So as of now I have no cosplay plans outside of Saki. I figure I'll focus on her and then just bring whatever else I manage to finish? Ugh. I'm so unprepared ;_;

Thursday, May 7, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Royal Creamy Chocolate [HD photos]

[ Lolibrary Link ]
Angelic Pretty is the supreme creator of chocolate themed prints; they never seem to run out of ideas and while certain motifs get reused they can still feel fresh! Despite Royal Creamy Chocolate having a lot of Angelic Pretty's signature designs (chocolate blocks, carousel ponies, etc) it still is a uniquely cute dress! The low neck design and simplicity of trims and laces help offset the large dress consuming print.
Despite being monochromatic the print is extremely detailed with many fine details that are lovely up close. The dress is eye catching yet simple and can be dressed up sweet or with a classic twist.

JSK stats:

Bust: 34.6~39in (88~100cm)
Waist: 26.7~30.7in  (68~78cm)
Length: 33in + 1in of lace  (84cm + 3cm of lace)

Full review to come later~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Cut-out Lolita Boots (S506)

Cut-out Lolita Boots [link]
("dbrw" aka dark brown)

Heel height: 2.3in (6cm)
Total height from heel: 11in (28cm)
Front platform: 0.6in (1.5cm)

When Bodyline first released photos into their "new" section on their Rakuten site these were instantly popular. The style was cute, unique, and very detailed for a pair of Bodyline shoes. I knew that I wanted to try them out as soon as I could buy them. They were super cute! I had been wanting to purchase a pair of lolita boots that were no the usually knee-high-with-a-couple-of-bows style many "lolita" boots tend to be, I was even pondering ordering some of the wedge-heeled ones (though I wasn't totally in love with them) so these dropped at the perfect time for me!

I ordered these on the 9th of February via AIR mail through Bodyline and received them on the 26th. The tracking actually said the package was still in customs on the 27th lol. So I'm starting to wonder just how accurate tracking can be. So long as my stuff even makes it into US customs I'm pretty happy ^^;;

Now onto the actual boots!
(*Note* I had to leave the tissue and foam supports in these boots to take photos of them due to how soft the material is.)

Friday, May 1, 2015

[Taobao Review] MichikoCat Magic Book Purse (red/blue/natural)

(Upon checking MichikoCat no longer carries these purses so I have removed the direct link this specific item. However I have been able to find them on My-Lolita-Dress.)

I have been wanting a cute "book" bag for a while! I always really liked the look of them but actually could not find one I liked enough to buy. A lot had to do with Alice in Wonderland motifs or something fairy-tale like that wasn't subtle enough for my personal tastes as I was hoping to find something I could not only wear with lolita fashion but also in normal clothes. Although I did want one in a more neutral color I instantly LOVED these magic books bags I spotted when I came across the shop MichikoCat on Taobao!
The bags were on preorder so I had to wait some time in order for everything to be processed. I was kind of over zealous with my purchases and, being unable to choose which one to buy, I bought all three colors they were available in with the idea I could easily be rid of whichever one I didn't want in the end. I love the blue one most of all due to the color scheme of blue and silver- a combination I have always been attracted to. I mostly bought the red one to use as a functional prop when I cosplay Jibril from "No Game No Life" as her character art has her holding a red-toned book ( I also really love functional costume pieces like this ^.^;) but I knew it could easily function as a statement piece of sorts since the gold and red combo is really eye-catching!

Friday, April 24, 2015

[Bodyline review:] Sax Blue 'Tea Party' lolita shoes (Shoes251/S522)

Double Strap Tea Party Lolita Shoes [link]
("sax" aka Saxon blue)
[Review of Gold]
[Review of Silver]

Heel Height: 0.5in (1.2cm)

These shoes are so cute. I really think they're adorable! I generally don't wear flat "ballet-esque" shoes since for some reason they end up hurting my feet more than small heels. These seem like they have a heel but it's pretty much negligibly short in reality. But I really wanted to give these a shot since finding a variety of lolita shoes would be wonderful! But I just didn't have much luck with them in the end...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Gold Double-bow platform lolita shoes (Shoes255)

Double-bow platform Lolita Shoes [link]
("gld" aka Gold)
[Review of Navy blue]

Heel Height: in (9cm)
Front Platform: in (3cm)

I decided to give these shoes a try as I am used to seeing a lot of platform shoes in classic style lolita. Bodyline had them for a really great price and had just decided to make them available in gold and navy color! I had seen a ton of girls wear these previously so I figured "eh, what the heck?" and bought some for myself :3

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Compie!!

Finally bought a new computer!! My poor Sony Vaio laptop is certainly on it's last legs at this point ~_~
The computer isn't exactly NEW persay as it's a used computer from someone else whom is upgrading. But everything in it is pretty stellar and better than what I need to start streaming and do all the video and image editing I want to do. As it stands now my laptop will freeze and crash if an image is too large :/ so it greatly impedes my ability to do too much. But it certainly drives home the idea of "save often" as I've lost tons of work before ;_;

So in preparation I've been writing out a schedule of things to do video-wise. Sounds crazy but my goal is to get it set up so each day I have an upload going on to Youtube. A theme for every day but a constant stream of creations. I know it'll be tough as I already have a hard time keeping up with my physical blog here but I'm really going to push myself out of my comfort zone and work work WORK at things.

I've also been doing a lot more digital art lately so I'm super happy I've been doing that! A ton of it has been uploaded onto Society6... I'm really super rusty but I'm proud of what I've mad thus far. It's pretty much all Yuri Kuma Arashi stuff though because I LOVE the patterns in that anime >_>;; I just need to start doing more general fandom stuff in in a hopes of getting more business. But I think I've gotten a pretty good start at it?

I'm certainly running myself ragged lately but I HAVE to put this effort in. No one is going to change my life situation but me. And with this computer I really think it's going to open a lot of possibilities!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Convention Report] SakuraCon - The "I wish I did more" con

Sakuracon was a lot of fun for me! Honestly and truly! I really did enjoy myself despite all the -crap- that happened. But I still wish I had done more in the end. I only showed up to the con for maybe a grand total of 5 or 6 hours, shot some pictures in Sailor Mercury with my group, and then left. That was it. I didn't buy a badge (wtf $75?) and I didn't go to anything at all. I had that Friday night off for work so I showed up mega late Saturday night. I pretty much went to bed so I could wake up early and I had some... not so great stuff happen. I'll just say someone I didn't know tried to get handsey with me while I was sleeping and it was really creepy and uncomfortable and just... eww. It kind of really ruined my weekend :/ I just felt gross.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

SakuraCon Countdown- ONE WEEK


So yeah Sailor Mercury is far from being done. I had to remake my collar at least 3 times because of the sh*tty 3mm ribbon the girls chose to use; my machine kept mauling it no matter what I'd do. Though thinking back on it now putting a thicker interfacing under it might have helped >_>;; I really miss my old beast of a sewing machine.
Kelsey is cool with me not getting Black Lady done so I'm going to take my time on her. I want to make it really nice with the super low back cut and sheer fabrics galore. Though I've been getting an itch to just make something... pretty. Not really a character per-say but just something fancy and artsy and creative. I suppose I could do a Sakizou cosplay and it would be up this alley. I want to make something with the fabrics I already have though ^^;; And just... go. See what I can do. Ya know? Been getting that urge.

Elsewise from cosplay I've been working a bit more here and thereto get my life "back in order". Sounds strange I suppose but I easily get consumed and stressed by every-day things if I let them pile up too much. So I'm making commitments to myself to completely clean my room again, organize figures, go through my clothes, trim down my lolita wardrobe more, and just generally organize things and try my damnedest to de-clutter! I've got a few spare random box figures I was able to sell off and I'll be bringing to SakuraCon for people. Kind of hoping I could thin things out even more but I appreciate whatever I can get [rid of] XD

HONESTLY though. HONEST honest. I think I'll be just fine for Mercury. I'm far enough along that if I keep myself going over the next few days I'll get everything together with a bit of time to spare :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Navy Double-bow platform lolita shoes (Shoes255)

Double-bow platform Lolita Shoes [link]
("nav" aka Navy blue)
[Review of Gold]

Heel Height: in (9cm)
Front Platform: in (3cm)

I've been wanting some navy lolita shoes for a long while now! Navy/blue is a lolita colorway I'm very attracted to and liked the idea of having lolita shoes to match some of my dresses. When select styles of Bodyline's shoes started getting navy colors I was excited though skeptical; how accurate were the stock photos? Would they end up some weird green color like shoes274 are (though those shoes are super cute and I'd still love to buy them!) I took a chance buying shoes255 in their navy color so at the very least I could write up a review here ^^;;

Sunday, March 1, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Lavender Holy Lantern skirt ~ [HD photos]

Lolibrary Link ]
Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern series was huge in popularity upon first news of its release. The series appealed to many wearers of lolita and it's sub-styles. Although the release seemed to learn much heavier towards a "gothic" aesthetic it still had a huge following among sweet wearers. The series' dress and skirt cuts were all very unique and interesting and the fabric is just lovely.

I really loved this skirt but sadly could not fit it into my wardrobe in any way. The lavender color is much closer to a lilac than anything so it is a much colder purple than a true lavender; so be weary about this if you are looking to add this series' lavender piece to your wardrobe.

Skirt measurements:
Waist: 27.5in (~70cm)
Length: 15.7in + 1.1 in of lace (40cm + 3cm)


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Store Review] Catzia's Sailor Senshi Tiaras (Magenta Sailor Moon and Dark Blue Mercury/Uranus)

Finally. After all these years. I will once again be cosplaying from Sailor Moon! And thus, finally, I have found the perfect excuse to order the brass tiaras from Catzia's Collectibles! I've always wanted one and had been eyeing them for so long. But I really felt like Sailor Moon cosplay was much better done in a group. And with the reboot of the series ala "Sailor Moon Crystal" what better chance for fans to start showing their senshi pride? :3 I was asked by a local group of cosplay girls to be in their group for SakuraCon as Sailor Mercury! And I could NOT be happier! Mercury is one of my very top favorite girls and I am so excited to dress as her finally~!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy Sunday!~

I have no luck doing anything Saturday. I sleep. That's what I do. It's horrible and I hate it at times. Often I sleep to the point that my work-time schedule gets messed up and I'm sleeping again like a normal person should (I work a weird swing/graveyard shift). I like sleeping at nights but switching sleep schedules on the weekend to then go back to an opposite schedule 2 days later is massively unhealthy :(

Regardless I'm really glad that I didn't waste my Sunday!

Portland had some amazingly beautiful weather. I was able to convince my roommate to get out of her room for a bit and come with me to get fabric and to go eat. I had been meaning to get to the fabric store to finish off buy fabrics for my Wicked Lady cosplay and the store was having a bit of a sale- 30% off select fabrics. Some of which I needed! I couldn't find the discount coupons I had kickin' around but I didn't want to spend too long looking for them since Liz was already waiting for me in the stairwell ^^;;

Sunday, February 22, 2015

*SakuraCon* plans

Finally in the planning stage of what I'm going to have for SakuraCon! I've been mulling over what to make/bring insofar as cosplay goes and I ended up essentially falling into some groups with people. I very rarely if ever cosplay in groups anymore >_>;; I tend to get screwed over by others where they wait until the last minute to work on anything and just drop their cosplay lol. Or I buy wigs in a group order and I never get paid for them. Many other things have happened in my attempt to cosplay in groups. But now these people I'll be cosplaying with are people I know and trust to get things done! And with the progress pictures they're already posting I'm just super excited! :D In fact, -I'M- the one falling behind in productivity!! (I'll blame this on work, okie? Okie.)

Friday, February 20, 2015

[Bodyline Review:] Fur-lined slouch ankle boots (shoes298)

Fur-lined slouch ankle boots [link]
("blk-brw" aka Black with brown accents)

Heel Height: 2.3in (6cm)

I've seen these boots kickin' around on Bodyline's site for some time though in reality I never payed much mind to them. They seemed cute but I never wanted to risk the listing prices to find out (BL certainly seems to inflate prices when first listing shoes lately!). These boots however seemed to not be so popular as the prices fell, fell, and fell some more. Then the site had a 1000yen off all shoes sale and these boots became super cheap! I figured "why not!" and ended up buying them since I couldn't find any info on other blogs. Well I certainly am not disappointed!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Bodyline order of the year~

It took all the way until February for me to make a Bodyline order! I'm honestly a bit proud of myself! Haha really though I don't order from them a lot- maybe once every 3 months is that? Regardless I made an order just last night because of some items Bodyline released recently! I also needed to snag up some shoes for some cosplay before they were totally sold out, so I took the opportunity to do so while also getting the new boots they released!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cosplay Resolutions 2015

I have YET to do a cosplay resolutions post and thus I really think one is overdue. I never make plans with my cosplay anymore and tend to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I do really want to pick up my game more this year and push myself to make more cosplay. I always work so slow and enthusiastically on things that it's almost... sad ~_~;; not saying there's anything wrong with being slow at it; just that I personally know I work too damn slow and am able to do so much more. And so I am making myself some hefty resolutions for cosplay this year!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015

And now for my final installment in my series of new years resolution posts. I've already made one for cosplay as well as one for lolita; I suppose it's only logical that I also add one for my normal boring life eheheh... >_>;; I know that a lot of times when people make these resolutions they stick with them for all of a month or so before waning interest in completion or just plain giving up! Though, let's be honest, a lot of times when other's set goals to lose weight they don't seem to realize just how much work it takes! And how slow the process can be... so they fail. I don't want that. I really don't want to fail I want to succeed in making myself and my life better.

I know a few of these are going to be carry-overs from my last year. But it's because I totally spaced out or was just generally enthused with myself a lot last year. 2014 was pretty dang tough on me emotionally. However, without giving a shit for sounding cliche, I really am going to try for a "new year, new me" goal. I'll make it a reality!