Monday, August 11, 2014

[Real vs Replica] Angelic Pretty's Melty Moon purse

Top row: real Angelic Pretty purses. [lolibrary link]
Bottom row: Taobao replicas
Angelic Pretty's Melty Moon shoulder bags have been immensely popular since the 2013 advertisement of their re-release of the Dream Sky print series. The purse showed up in the photos but no mention of it in any price sheet or release announcement was shown. Many people however were gushing over just how cute and even unique the bags were. There was speculation that it would be released along with the dress release but it was all just hopeful talk. The purses didn't get an advance announcement but were simply added to the online shop and, very quickly, sold out afterwards. To my knowledge AP only did one rerun of the series of bags, though it would not surprise me one bit if they end up doing more! Personally I'd love to see new colors such as white, silver, or gold.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Am I a real lolita now?

I finally caved and ordered myself some petticoats from Classical Puppets. I've been using crappy Leg Avenue ones this whole time and while I was OK with the poof they gave me the petticoats just were so meh quality and the elastic would start to hurt after a while ~_~;; I'm tempted to alter the new ones so the waist band size is static and just add a zipper in. Too much elastic against my body as it is when wearing lolita dresses! In the end I got 2 a-line: one black and one white, and their cupcake petticoat in white. I might get one in black considering I have a ton more black lolita dresses but I suppose white can still be worn under them, but a black petticoat under a light dress might look a little strange ^^;;

In the end I did a small order off Taobao in order to make the EMS shipping worth it. So on top of the petticoats I also got some replica melty moon bags :o *le gasp!* and NOT the ones from Loris! (That just have a cloud on them instead of melty bits) though I might order those sometime soon too because they have other colors like silver and white. And I've also heard that they are larger than the Angelic Pretty bags? Which would be nice because they're so tiny!

I guess we'll find out how good or bad they are once I get them. The stock photos look pretty good but that doesn't mean the materials won't be odd or sticky. So here's hoping they turn out good!