Thursday, October 11, 2012


I hate dealing with lolita sales comms, and the buyers on them, sometimes. I mean damn, I'm a pretty awesome buyer: I pay fast and communicate well. But I seriously had a girl ask for tracking for a pair of bodyline socks. They were like... $7. And she wanted tracking. But didn't want insurance which was maybe like $1 more. I mean if you -really- think I'm not going to send out $7 socks or you're worried they'll get lost then why not get insurance as well so you can get back your whole $7 you spent.

The messages seriously went on for more than a week about this.

I say, better yet, she order them next time she orders from Bodyline and then she won't have to pay extra for shipping since Bodyline has a flat-rate option. It's a win-win situation for her as she'll get them new and it's a win-win for me because I wouldn't have to deal with this annoying crap.

From now on anytime I buy socks from bodyline that I don't like the fit of I've going to give them to people- be it my friends or even my nieces. I'm not going to bother selling such things. I'll just gift them! Augh.

Yes I was -that- annoyed with this >_<