Sunday, January 16, 2011

Katanagatari (cosplay possibilities)

I just finished watching Katanagatari the other day and I have to say I'm going to pretend that the last 2 episodes of the series don't exist; or that maybe at least things turned out differently.

I really loved the first 10 episodes! As I've told many people though this anime isn't for everyone- There seems to be a lot more talking than actual fighting so anyone with a shorter attention span or problems keeping up with subtitles probably wouldn't like it.

I gave it a shot because of watching, and absolutely loving, Bakemonogatari and after seeing a few pictures of KG I really liked the overall design of the show and characters.
However I will say that the last 2 episodes leave you feeling like you just wasted about 12 hours of your life watching the show; they make NO sense. Well OK -almost- no sense. I can highly recommend this show for people because of how lovely it is but do be prepared to have your mind sodomized at the end.

I did my best to complain about it without giving anything away. Haha sorry if it's vague.

HOWEVER. AS FOR COSPLAY... I realllllly love Togame's design and want to cosplay it because of all the obnoxious colors and things that don't make much sense. Another costume I plan on having fun using different textures and subtle patterns with :) I also plan on doing a few of the side outfits she wears; one being a yukata, a winter kimono cover for her normal outfit, and a not so cliche miko outfit.
Also Sailor Moon apron boy, Kem aka "CKOanime", will be cosplaying as Shichika... not only is the character wearing his favorite color (red) but he's also shirtless. I think Kem is more excited to cosplay him than I am about making the damn thing...

This post is kinda pointless I guess...


  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES. I understand what you mean about the last two episodes... D':

    Can't wait for your duo cosplay! Are you doing both short and long haired versions of her? Please post pics when you two are done~

  2. I'm totally a fan of the series but I mean... wtf anime! Wtf!! Some of the things that happened really make you scratch your head.
    Togame!!!!!! D':

    Thanks! I'm really excited for it because I think he'll make a really good Shichika. And the cosplay community needs more boys in it :3

    I love her long hair and plan on making him snuggle up in it from time to time XD maybe even if it's just to help me keep the wig nice. I do want to do her with short hair though since the wig will be much more manageable during windy days and for general con asshattery I do with friends LOL.
    I will post pictures for sure! I need to finish my other projects first though haha

  3. I've seen like 3/12 episodes (not in order either haha) and I have to say my favorite thing about the show are the designs, hands down

  4. oh its never pointless the possibilities are endless