Friday, October 23, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse in Pink & Lavender (L364)

Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse [link]
("Pik" = Pink)
("Pul" = Lavender)
[Review of White]

Size Medium
Length (52cm)
Bust (94cm)
Waist (80cm)
Shoulder length (36cm)
Sleeve length (22cm)

Shortly after Bodyline released a new series of items blouse L364 caught my eye. It seemed like a simple and cute enough blouse to be worn with a variety of dresses, skirts, and styles. I decided I'd give it a shot and order two of these blouses before many other reviews were out about them. The wide variety of colors was also a plus, as well as making it a bit difficult to choose what colors to order. What would be most versatile? What would look best with the wardrobe I have and want to build?

Monday, October 19, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Holy Lantern 2015 re-release Black and White high-waisted JSK [HD photos]

[ Lolibrary Link | Special Set Link ]
Holy Lantern has, over the years, become one of the most sought-after dresses in the lolita community. The all-over design is flocked on a chiffon fabric which has made Holy Lantern a unique dress in it's own right; one that, if rumors had it, was incredibly difficult for Angelic Pretty to produce.

So when it was announced that Angelic Pretty would be re-releasing the series the community was in an uproar of excitement! Shopping services filled up at lightning speed and online communities were abuzz with talk on which dresses might be the most difficult or easiest to get. The 2015 release not only saw two new colorways, navy and black x white, but also the "high waist" cut which had previously been used as the first release's special set. I had personally always loved the style of the special set and decided to try my best to buy that style, but what color? I loved the ivory x black but that color wasn't being produced this time around, so I decided to try for the black x white! I really wished they had made the black x black again and wonder why they hadn't... but I really fell in love with the new black color combo!

It should also be mentioned that the zipper style JSK wasn't being released again! So many people were upset considering that was THEE most popular cut of the series!
But that was all fixed less than a week later when Angelic Pretty announced they would be doing a made-to-order! And with ANOTHER new colorway: pink! Sadly though they decided to leave out navy- though I wish they hadn't because after seeing worn photos it was really pretty! However the ivory is again up for grabs as well as the new black x white colorway being made into the zipper style JSK!

I hem-and-haw'ed a lot if I wanted to buy another dress during the MTO. I sawa chance to get the ivory high-waist JSK but.. I already had the black in that style. Or I could get this new black colorway in the zipper style! But I always had the black in another style. I literally spent until a few hours before the cut-off date to decide if I wanted anything at all. I ended up ordering the zipper JSK in ivory and decided if I didn't like it I might be able to trade with another girl ^^;; here's to hoping!

Jumper skirt stats:

Bust: 33.5 ~ 41in (85~105cm)
Waist: 31.8 ~ 39in (81~100cm)
Length: 35in (89cm includes lace)

Product Number:  152PJ09-020017
Colors:  Black, Lavender, Navy, Wine/Bordeaux (Pink and Ivory added for the made-to-order)

Full review to come later~