Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In deciding a direction...

This will become my corner of the interbutts to rant and talking about current, future, and [probably not] past cosplay plans. (Who wants to know about past crap? Really.)
Some place to post pictures and crap and to keep myself updated without cluttering the ever useless cosplay.com and the uncaring inhabitants of facebook.
In all honesty I have a LOT of cosplays I -want- to do but possibly never will so I'll just post things I'm currently sewing here.

Soooo~~~ What I am currently working on as far as projects go are as follows:
Pirate Hatsune Miku
She's for when I got to Aquarium with Kem. He said he was going to wear his Luffy and well... I wanted to cosplay too! So to go along with his costume I'm making this :) I've started drafting the pattern and already have the fabric! (Though I'll need more of the gold trim I got.) Also I decided to base it more off of the original concept sketch instead of the in-game version. I like the large white under dress, bloomers, and long coat tails a lot more compared to the in-game hardly any white showing, skirt, and short looking vest thing. To me it's just.. a better design.

Sophie from "Tales of Graces"
I fell for this design when I first saw it! I really wish they'd bring the game over to America but that will probably never happen. So I'm left to studying Wiki pages and watching all the Youtube videos I can. It's really the next best thing I can do to actually playing the game :( I originally had her planned for Akicon bu~t~ I'm not going anymore so her debut will be up in the air. So far her construction has been really fun and challenging though!

"Project Diva 2nd" Magnet Miku
Magnet has been one of my favorite Vocaloid songs for some time and the default outfits have been stupidly over done; granted I still want to do them. I just fell for the pseudo-kimono design Miku has as well as he overall color scheme. It's really very simple looking but it leaves a lot of room to add detail and make it my own. I'll be using lace for the "traingle edge" along the collar and sleeves instead. I wanted to get a nice print for the gold edging or the blue body part but I already have fabric on hand I could use. Just have to get skirt and obi parts; which is where I plan to play around a bit more with texture and prints.

I've got a few other things in the works but these are the main 3 I've been working on to get done. ESPECIALLY Pirate Miku so I can wear her at the end of November :3 I'll do my best to get it done and perhaps post photos? I always forget to even TAKE progress photos. I think having a full length mirror would help... hmm... lol


  1. ooo I like the idea of Pirate Hatsune Miku XD

  2. I was totally torn on the design at first but I love it now. The song she sings by default in the game while in this outfit is also disgustingly catchy XD


  3. Awww! Pirate!Miku, how adorable! :'D ♥ ♥

    All of your WIP's are so cool *0*

  4. The pirate Hatsune Miku looks awesome, I agree that's a better design. I hope it turns out well and good luck getting it done in time! Progress photos would be great.

  5. Kaoru: Thanks! My interests are rather all over the board haha. I hope I can get them done though and that this blog motivates me more to sew

    Radioactive: Her outfit is way cute~ but it's all in credit to the person who entered the design contest for Project Diva :) I think that the programmers probably had to sacrifice a lot of the design (ie the big white dress parts) for a much easier to handle model for the game. Oh well!
    I'll do my best to take progress photos. I need to buy a full length mirror for ease of that though haha

  6. These are all really nice! Project diva 2 Miku has a lot of potential.

  7. That pirate Miku costume is adorable!