Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Minute Change!

Well. I'm not sure exactly WHY they decided to do so but now I don't have to work New Years Eve!! :D I'm so excited!! I don't have to worry about crazy drunks on the road and I can be somewhat rested after NewCon! ^-^

So that's a huge relief!

That also means, though, that I'll have two 4-day weekends in a row. Which honestly after having... I'm not really sure if I'll want to go back to work >_>;; Seriously. It's going to be really hard to do so.

In other news, speaking of NewCon. I picked out my outfits to wear in the lolita fashion show. I'm thinking that Fruits Parlour (mint) will be a good choice as most girls on the page are showing outfits that will be black and brown based. I know others will do pink as well since that's a very popular lolita color. But so much black? Come on :( there are so many cute dresses in OTHER colors!

Here are the ones I picked out. Not 100% sure about how Sugary Carnival is put together though...

I'm probably going to try out some cream colored socks in my stash to wear with Sugary. For fruits I'll wear light pink tights. I just don't want Sugary to be PINK PINK PINK.

Actually wait... Here we go. I like the cream color!! Now I can't choose what shoes though... light pink or black :(

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Planning New Years

Was at work last night checking out the schedule for New Years to see if we were given any time off. And we do. But get this...

They want me to work Monday, have Tuesday off, and come back for the rest of the week. Not a big deal, right? They're giving people the "hangover day" off so they don't have a bunch of people calling in sick and such. But what gets me is that they made no accommodation, or maybe gave no thought, to the people that work a totally different shift.

Sure, if you work a 9-5 job there's no big deal. Tuesday off? GREAT! But that's not how most of the worker's schedules are. For instance I start work at 6pm and get off at 2:30am. THE HOLIDAY WOULD ALREADY BE OVER. And, furthermore, The time I would be heading home has got to be one of the most dangerous times to be on the road! 2am is when bars close around where I live and there just so happens to be one RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM WORK.

So my coworker and I were discussing it and wrote up a note for HR together asking if we could have Monday off (because it's the actual freaking holiday) and come in to work on Tuesday. This way the work will still get to the other departments in time but won't royally screw over the people working a late shift.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what HR says about this.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Cheer

The bulk of the holidays has come and gone. And, honestly, I could not be happier so. All we really have left is New Years and then we're in the clear for 2 months until Valentines Day jumps at us!

My Christmas was fairly fruitless this year. I bought presents for my whole family but didn't receive very much. This is OK though! I have enough "stuff" in my life (and honestly am trying to get rid of it) so when family asked what I wanted I told most of them "nothing".

Which is what I got! :D

I ended up with a really nice cooking knife from my brother & his wife; which was EXACTLY what I wanted! It's super sharp and cuts great. Oh! It's for cooking! The knives I use now are such crap :/ so now that I have at least one good one I'm happy :)
My brother also got me a stapler that looks like a piece of sake salmon ^_^ which is silly but awesome as I do own a staple gun, but not a regular stapler.

My mom got me a gift card and some chocolates. They're the Godiva salted caramel ones and they're super tasty!! The gift card is $50 for Target- which will be super useful as the one near where I live also now carries a small selection of produce so I can get some groceries from there.

My sister and I agreed to not give each other anything. But I ended up finding a really whacky looking keychain that made me think of her. I think it was supposed to be a dear? But it also looked like it had a mane like a horse does. But the main was curly like an afro... I don't know lol. The body was dark blue, the "mane" thing was green, and it had an orange and yellow flower on the side of it. Just something small. She really liked it though so I'm glad :)
She had ended up giving me this really interesting glass box with a bunny on it. It looks like it was hand made by someone in a craft class. Though not to say it's of poor quality since it's not! But it's very unique! I like it a lot. The glass is blue and it has a white rabbit on the top. I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet but I'll find something.

I don't think my Dad got me anything?... I'm not sure now really. I think he gave everyone else gift cards but, again, I remember telling him I didn't want anything. Maybe I should just tell him I want to spend more time together. That's all I want.

Of course the stars of the show were my young nieces (ages 8 and 6, respectively). They got a great deal of things considering they're the only kids in my immediate family.

But the way I see it... that's how it should be ^_^