Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[Bodyline review:] Knee High Rose boots (SHOES225/s503)

Knee High Rose boots [link]
("owh" aka White)

Heel height: 2in (5cm)
Height from heel: 14.6in (37cm)

The boots were shipped, often as bodyline does, without a box. They were wrapped in tissue paper with a rolled foam insert to keep the shaft of the boot more rigid during shipping. I highly suggest you save the foam for when you store these boots!

I'll cut straight to the chase and say it now: THESE BOOTS ARE EXTREMELY STIFF! The material they're made of is NOT forgiving at ALL and will hurt your ankles if they wear in the "wrong" way D:
I decided to replace my laces with ribbon as the lace felt cheap and waxy to the touch. I figure there is  good reason for this but aesthetically I also prefer the ribbon. I have never worn the roses on the boots themselves as I found the clip backs will leave marks in the material. I have clipped them into wigs and on headbands though and they look very cute that way! I also received one of the roses with a missing hinge piece and thus couldn't even use it :T

The zip on my boots are sometimes fussy and require a good tug to get them up all the way. I also suggest that if you have larger calves that you do not purchase these boots as the top straps have zero flex and only a little room to velcro them larger. The tongue also has very little material to it so it will not be able to cover any gaping if you have large calves.

*note* I've discovered after many wears of these boots that one of the tongues isn't correctly placed within the boot so it causes just the bottom part covering my foot to slide sideways and pop out of the lacing a bit. It's more than annoying as, again, the material is very stiff and it starts to hurt the top of my foot :

Rose clips, how they work, and the broken one...