Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm a clumsy idiot...

I'm an idiot! I ruined my laptop T-T UGH. I'M SO STUPID!

I was getting ready to watch an anime and had a bowl of cereal sitting on my laptop. The laptop was on my desk all safe'n'sound but as I looked around to find the cord to plug in my speakers I tipped over the bowl of cereal! And it spilled all over my laptop keyboard! UGH!

I tried my best to drain and clean it out. When I tried to keyboard it would type whatever random characters it wanted to. I'm so... angry at myself :( It was a total accident- and an expensive one at that.

After taking it all apart and scrubbing out the inside the keyboard will still not work. I got a USB keyboard though and am going to try and access my files on there to see what's up. But so far the keyboard seems to be the only thing that's messed up; which is good!

But then I checked out how much a new keyboard was for it. And I nearly cried... $100! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. For ONLY the keyboard! What the heck!? Apparently the model/make I have was a limited run so they charge a lot more for the parts. If I go one model up or down from mine though the keyboards are no more than $30.

I'm totally bummed. Seriously. I loved this thing. And now I'm not sure what to do. The idea I'm sticking to so far is to wait it out a bit for the price of laptops to drop. Tablets are getting much much more popular so it shouldn't take too long. But to buy a new one is going to be such a pain :<

At least I have my crummy old desktop until I can figure out what to do *sigh* This thing is so horrid it has trouble playing Youtube videos!