Friday, October 22, 2010

Yeap. And Stuff.

I've been a bit under the weather the past few days so not a whole lot cosplay-wise has gotten done.
A lot of crap is hitting the fan at work. Starting next week my hours will be cut down to 7 and a half each day instead of 8 ($125 lost after 1 month) and there is a rumor, or more so "through the grapevine", that they'll be switching my hours to where I will start at 2am and get off work at 11am. Which in turn the company I work for will take my shift-difference away (approx loss of $200 a month.) Making ends meet while trying to save up, even now, has been rather difficult. If they do this all though I don't know WHAT I'm going to do.

And here I was hoping to actually buy a car soon... *sigh*

No photos today. Enjoy a video that always helps to make me smile though. I highly suggest looking up more stuff by him and about him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As Charlie Brown would say:

Luckily the crisis was adverted! Though it wasn't really a crisis in reality.
Upon being done cutting out my pirate Miku top I just realized it'd be a good idea to line it! However the fabric store isn't having it's fantabulous sale for another month (and being the cheapskate I am I wait till the sales to buy anything). So I found some crapass cream colors lining I had bought to mess around with and figured it good enough. WHAT. CREAM COLORED? OH HELL NO. That's ugly! Why would you do that?! Just why!
Cause I don't have any red li-.... WAIT. I DO... I had some for the Rei Ayanami kimono... thing.. I was going to make a while back. After some digging it was recovered and boy oh boy is it soft and nice. Granted it's a brighter red than what I'm making the top out of but it's at least RED, right? RIGHT?

I decided to also just say ix-nay on the boot details since this is just a costume to dork around in for now. I'll be wearing my plain brown lace-ups with it. However if I ever wear it to a con I will make sure to finish the little details and such :)

Brighter red lining  vs  outer fabric  vs  cream color lining
Yeah no... Silly Anza.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In deciding a direction...

This will become my corner of the interbutts to rant and talking about current, future, and [probably not] past cosplay plans. (Who wants to know about past crap? Really.)
Some place to post pictures and crap and to keep myself updated without cluttering the ever useless and the uncaring inhabitants of facebook.
In all honesty I have a LOT of cosplays I -want- to do but possibly never will so I'll just post things I'm currently sewing here.

Soooo~~~ What I am currently working on as far as projects go are as follows:
Pirate Hatsune Miku
She's for when I got to Aquarium with Kem. He said he was going to wear his Luffy and well... I wanted to cosplay too! So to go along with his costume I'm making this :) I've started drafting the pattern and already have the fabric! (Though I'll need more of the gold trim I got.) Also I decided to base it more off of the original concept sketch instead of the in-game version. I like the large white under dress, bloomers, and long coat tails a lot more compared to the in-game hardly any white showing, skirt, and short looking vest thing. To me it's just.. a better design.

Sophie from "Tales of Graces"
I fell for this design when I first saw it! I really wish they'd bring the game over to America but that will probably never happen. So I'm left to studying Wiki pages and watching all the Youtube videos I can. It's really the next best thing I can do to actually playing the game :( I originally had her planned for Akicon bu~t~ I'm not going anymore so her debut will be up in the air. So far her construction has been really fun and challenging though!

"Project Diva 2nd" Magnet Miku
Magnet has been one of my favorite Vocaloid songs for some time and the default outfits have been stupidly over done; granted I still want to do them. I just fell for the pseudo-kimono design Miku has as well as he overall color scheme. It's really very simple looking but it leaves a lot of room to add detail and make it my own. I'll be using lace for the "traingle edge" along the collar and sleeves instead. I wanted to get a nice print for the gold edging or the blue body part but I already have fabric on hand I could use. Just have to get skirt and obi parts; which is where I plan to play around a bit more with texture and prints.

I've got a few other things in the works but these are the main 3 I've been working on to get done. ESPECIALLY Pirate Miku so I can wear her at the end of November :3 I'll do my best to get it done and perhaps post photos? I always forget to even TAKE progress photos. I think having a full length mirror would help... hmm... lol

Monday, October 18, 2010

Welllll crap..

I guess I caved and joined another site! Woo!
I'll probably type lots of random sh*t here since no one knows I have this thing (yet) and because just about every other site used for such musings is so... unfriendly these days.

So perhaps this one won't turn to crap... I guess that all depends on me.

Currently am making pot stickers before I head to bed in the next 3 hours! Graveyard shift has gotten rather old after 4 years...