Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As Charlie Brown would say:

Luckily the crisis was adverted! Though it wasn't really a crisis in reality.
Upon being done cutting out my pirate Miku top I just realized it'd be a good idea to line it! However the fabric store isn't having it's fantabulous sale for another month (and being the cheapskate I am I wait till the sales to buy anything). So I found some crapass cream colors lining I had bought to mess around with and figured it good enough. WHAT. CREAM COLORED? OH HELL NO. That's ugly! Why would you do that?! Just why!
Cause I don't have any red li-.... WAIT. I DO... I had some for the Rei Ayanami kimono... thing.. I was going to make a while back. After some digging it was recovered and boy oh boy is it soft and nice. Granted it's a brighter red than what I'm making the top out of but it's at least RED, right? RIGHT?

I decided to also just say ix-nay on the boot details since this is just a costume to dork around in for now. I'll be wearing my plain brown lace-ups with it. However if I ever wear it to a con I will make sure to finish the little details and such :)

Brighter red lining  vs  outer fabric  vs  cream color lining
Yeah no... Silly Anza.


  1. O--Oh man-- I would have flipped a shit--
    I'm rooting for you though.
    I want to see this when it's all done~ <3

  2. Even though I dislike Miku, her in a pirate costume sounds adorable.

  3. Good luck! I love finding stuff hidden in my fabric stash ;3

  4. Im not a big vocaloid fan but I do like this alternate version. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good luck on your cosplay! I bet it'll look great.

  6. You can always take the lessons learned from this one and improve upon it in future designs. Nice blog... keep it up!

  7. Very cool stuff. Good luck. :)

  8. I really like this post - I want to learn to sew and learning about what to do and what not to do is really interesting!

  9. When you have expensive hobbies its amazing how often you find yourself pinching pennies. Good luck getting this done!