Saturday, February 11, 2012

Extended Vacation! Eff yeah!

I don't always take vacations; but when I do I go places. Though not really that far honestly. Four hours north and I'm in the lovely ~ttle by the Sea~ In all honesty I used to hate coming to Seattle. So many bad memories and I find the city somewhat confusing. Come to think of it though a lot of the time I was pretty much "trapped" in Bellevue and only really got to hang out with people later on in the night as opposed to oh I don't know... getting some sunlight.

However though, now, I have met many of awesome people here! I can't even to begin to even tell you how much I am enjoying doing nothing for 4 days straight and hanging out with all of the awesome people! The only reason this is possible though is that my vacation time at work rolls over come March 1st- and it's one of those "use it or lose it" situations (which really sucks.)

My only complaint at the moment is that these few days have gone by far too fast for my liking! Although in reality I'm sure it doesn't help that I slept so much; but I was so very very tired.

Honestly I haven't taken any photos while being here since I've been a lump haha. However I do have a few more lolita write-ups to do as well as fashion and wig ones! I've come to find that I take a long time doing so though. But I feel as though it's very worth it :) I know that while searching for information on various sites I would like ti order from or even specific items I want to order it helps if someone else has already written a review. SO. Since I have pretty much caught up on any lost sleep I've had for the past month [it would seam] I will try just a wee bit harder to write such things.

But in the meantime it's nearly midnight and I am hungry. And Seattle has SO MANY great restaurants that are open so late! <3 Chinese food time go!!

[Lovely Shoes] Order #1: I really like boots

 I had heard about this site only a few times from various other sources (blogs and message boards) and was a bit weary on ordering from it since it's set up like every other generic "wholesale" fashion site. I've ordered from a few others before and have become somewhat jaded about the quality from such places. I will eventually review the others but for now I'm going to start with "Lovely Shoes" aka "Lovely Fashion".