Friday, May 22, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Triple Bow lolita shoes (shoe259)

Triple Bow lolita shoes [link]
("dpink" aka Dark Pink)

Heel height: in (5.8cm)
Front platform: in (1.3cm)

I'll be completely honest outright. I've always thought these shoes were ugly. TOO sweet for my taste. I like cute things and bows as much as the next sweet lolita but my personal style falls on a weird line between sweet and classic. So these shoes with their giant clown-esque round toes and large bows all over were never something I thought I would be buying.

And then cosplays I want to do start getting planned for and I go in search of shoes. And these ended up being the closest in style without breaking my bank for what I needed. The cosplay is of Ranka Lee from the second Macross Frontier movie "Sayonara no Tsubasa"- namely her "Niji Iro Kuma Kuma" outfit. Aside from heavily altering some heels or finding other shoes I opted for an option I seemed less likely to hurt myself trying to walk in ^^;; (I'll talk more about these shoes for cosplay use once I make posts and progress on that.)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prepping for Fanime: One cosplay at a time...

For as certain I was about getting Sailor Mercury done for SakuraCon I am THAT unsure I will get ANYTHING done in time for Fanime  u_u  I -believe- we're heading down Thursday (driving) and coming back Sunday so I honestly have very few days to get all my things done... and I haven't even started on the main cosplay I want to bring!
Saki!!~~ Stole this photo from OtakuDepot [LINK]

So far the only things I can think of that I already have nearly donw would be comfortable wearing in the California heat are Weresheep (Monster Girls) and maybe a Lum costume. For the one I really am worrying about though I know I'm going to die wearing LOL. But my friend (Mewchi Cosplay) and I were talking about things we wanted to make and I mentioned wanting to remake Ritsuko from Kujibiki Unbalanced- to which she got mega excited and I found out she really liked Genshiken! I was super excited and we ended up agreeing to doing the outfit of where Saki is cosplaying as Ritsuko in her "battle outfit" and the matching one Ohno wears for it~

She's so perfect as Ohno! And I hope I make an okay Saki/Ritsuko ^^;; I'm mostly basing my cosplay off of one figure I like the color scheme on. Otherwise her cosplay is vastly different between each iteration. I can make the fabric bits no problem but the helmet is giving me grief. It always does. It did my first time around! And now with how beat up my old one has become over the years I need to remake it ~_~;; I've already been working at it for several hours today and only took this short break to eat something...

So as of now I have no cosplay plans outside of Saki. I figure I'll focus on her and then just bring whatever else I manage to finish? Ugh. I'm so unprepared ;_;

Thursday, May 7, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Royal Creamy Chocolate [HD photos]

[ Lolibrary Link ]
Angelic Pretty is the supreme creator of chocolate themed prints; they never seem to run out of ideas and while certain motifs get reused they can still feel fresh! Despite Royal Creamy Chocolate having a lot of Angelic Pretty's signature designs (chocolate blocks, carousel ponies, etc) it still is a uniquely cute dress! The low neck design and simplicity of trims and laces help offset the large dress consuming print.
Despite being monochromatic the print is extremely detailed with many fine details that are lovely up close. The dress is eye catching yet simple and can be dressed up sweet or with a classic twist.

JSK stats:

Bust: 34.6~39in (88~100cm)
Waist: 26.7~30.7in  (68~78cm)
Length: 33in + 1in of lace  (84cm + 3cm of lace)

Full review to come later~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Cut-out Lolita Boots (S506)

Cut-out Lolita Boots [link]
("dbrw" aka dark brown)

Heel height: 2.3in (6cm)
Total height from heel: 11in (28cm)
Front platform: 0.6in (1.5cm)

When Bodyline first released photos into their "new" section on their Rakuten site these were instantly popular. The style was cute, unique, and very detailed for a pair of Bodyline shoes. I knew that I wanted to try them out as soon as I could buy them. They were super cute! I had been wanting to purchase a pair of lolita boots that were no the usually knee-high-with-a-couple-of-bows style many "lolita" boots tend to be, I was even pondering ordering some of the wedge-heeled ones (though I wasn't totally in love with them) so these dropped at the perfect time for me!

I ordered these on the 9th of February via AIR mail through Bodyline and received them on the 26th. The tracking actually said the package was still in customs on the 27th lol. So I'm starting to wonder just how accurate tracking can be. So long as my stuff even makes it into US customs I'm pretty happy ^^;;

Now onto the actual boots!
(*Note* I had to leave the tissue and foam supports in these boots to take photos of them due to how soft the material is.)

Friday, May 1, 2015

[Taobao Review] MichikoCat Magic Book Purse (red/blue/natural)

(Upon checking MichikoCat no longer carries these purses so I have removed the direct link this specific item. However I have been able to find them on My-Lolita-Dress.)

I have been wanting a cute "book" bag for a while! I always really liked the look of them but actually could not find one I liked enough to buy. A lot had to do with Alice in Wonderland motifs or something fairy-tale like that wasn't subtle enough for my personal tastes as I was hoping to find something I could not only wear with lolita fashion but also in normal clothes. Although I did want one in a more neutral color I instantly LOVED these magic books bags I spotted when I came across the shop MichikoCat on Taobao!
The bags were on preorder so I had to wait some time in order for everything to be processed. I was kind of over zealous with my purchases and, being unable to choose which one to buy, I bought all three colors they were available in with the idea I could easily be rid of whichever one I didn't want in the end. I love the blue one most of all due to the color scheme of blue and silver- a combination I have always been attracted to. I mostly bought the red one to use as a functional prop when I cosplay Jibril from "No Game No Life" as her character art has her holding a red-toned book ( I also really love functional costume pieces like this ^.^;) but I knew it could easily function as a statement piece of sorts since the gold and red combo is really eye-catching!