Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Cut-out Lolita Boots (S506)

Cut-out Lolita Boots [link]
("dbrw" aka dark brown)

Heel height: 2.3in (6cm)
Total height from heel: 11in (28cm)
Front platform: 0.6in (1.5cm)

When Bodyline first released photos into their "new" section on their Rakuten site these were instantly popular. The style was cute, unique, and very detailed for a pair of Bodyline shoes. I knew that I wanted to try them out as soon as I could buy them. They were super cute! I had been wanting to purchase a pair of lolita boots that were no the usually knee-high-with-a-couple-of-bows style many "lolita" boots tend to be, I was even pondering ordering some of the wedge-heeled ones (though I wasn't totally in love with them) so these dropped at the perfect time for me!

I ordered these on the 9th of February via AIR mail through Bodyline and received them on the 26th. The tracking actually said the package was still in customs on the 27th lol. So I'm starting to wonder just how accurate tracking can be. So long as my stuff even makes it into US customs I'm pretty happy ^^;;

Now onto the actual boots!
(*Note* I had to leave the tissue and foam supports in these boots to take photos of them due to how soft the material is.)

I did NOT receive a box with these boots though others have. I ordered them with a few other items and the pairs of glasses I ordered came in the same package as the boots (and were SUPER MEGA WRAPPED with huge bubble wrap! Good job Bodyline haha). The other shoes were all shipping in individual packages meaning I got 3 packages! I'm sorry mail courier! The boots were wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap instead of the box.

My first impression opening the package was that these boots were STINKY. Like overly strong chemical smell! This can be pretty common with items ordered from Taobao but I still never expect it from Bodyline merchandise- it seems to be their norm of late though. I don't know how long they'll need to air out but boy oh boy the smell is strong.

The materiel however is just lovely! These have got to be the softest shoes I've ever ordered from Bodyline and more importantly the softest boots! The material is so soft and pliable that they won't start developing those bruise-inducing creases that Bodyline's other boots are known for. I'm really liking this material a lot and hope they stick with it for any of their future boots they make.

The bows on each strap is sewn really well but because of how they're attached they can't be moved or removed. There is no elastic on the straps to allow a snug fit or movement like some shoe straps have. They seem securely in place and are finished nicely with all the scalloping around the edges. I do surmise these will get fairly beat up over time though. The heart buckles on the boots are an antiqued metal finish that blends nicely with the brown I chose. They don't stand out too much like a bright silver or gold buckle would but I do wonder how it would look on the white or pink option of boots. The buckles ARE functioning so that is the only area any strap adjustment is possible. I haven't tried to fit these to myself yet so I'm not sure if the holes are awkwardly placed enough to the point I'd need to punch my own. In reality though these seem to be better made than a lot of the Bodyline shoes I've bought so we'll see!

The toe box is super spacious- almost obnoxiously so. There is a lot of space above your toes which is good if you need to put insoles in or wear thicker socks. Else-wise there is a strange gap above your toes that is plainly visable. The thought of debris or rocks or anything getting in actually worries me so I'll for sure be putting insoles in these boots- which I suggest no matter WHAT shoes anyone wears anyway :P

Out of the three pairs of brown shoes I have from Bodyline these are by far the darkest in color. The regular shoes I have (Shoes283) are much MUCH lighter and are a much more milk chocolate color and the bow boots (Shoes224) are a kind of dusty brown. These boots are kind of between these colors; they have a warmer tone to them but they're a much darker brown. I actually prefer this color a lot as it does match a lot of the brown tones on my chocolate themed dresses from Angelic Pretty.

Overall I'm really pleased with these! The design is maybe a bit too ornate for normal wear but they will certainly add a cute aspect to any lolita outfit :)


  1. These are so pretty, now I want them! The buckles on my other Bodyline shoes are impossible though so I'd be afraid to try and adjust them.

    { sparklesideup.com }

  2. I was looking to get these shoes but wanted more pictures of them just to be sure that they're good. It's a shame that the bow straps can't be moved, I was expecting it to be an adjustable thing because everyone's calves are a different size. Oh well, I'm glad you think they're comfy! Putting my order in for these now~ Thank you so much for posting your review!