Thursday, May 7, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Royal Creamy Chocolate [HD photos]

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Angelic Pretty is the supreme creator of chocolate themed prints; they never seem to run out of ideas and while certain motifs get reused they can still feel fresh! Despite Royal Creamy Chocolate having a lot of Angelic Pretty's signature designs (chocolate blocks, carousel ponies, etc) it still is a uniquely cute dress! The low neck design and simplicity of trims and laces help offset the large dress consuming print.
Despite being monochromatic the print is extremely detailed with many fine details that are lovely up close. The dress is eye catching yet simple and can be dressed up sweet or with a classic twist.

JSK stats:

Bust: 34.6~39in (88~100cm)
Waist: 26.7~30.7in  (68~78cm)
Length: 33in + 1in of lace  (84cm + 3cm of lace)

Full review to come later~

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