Saturday, June 9, 2012

Facebook Cosplay Contests

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I never do these. I never submit my photo to these things. In fact I hardly ever really participate in cosplay contest of any sort :/ "Why?" might you ask? Because of what it does to people. It can show favoritism among friends and insofar as the cosplay contest being on FACEBOOK... it becomes a popularity contest to get "likes". Which generally results in people with OK costumes "winning" over those who have amazing ones just because one person is more popular or maybe more well-known as others. Or maybe even just because they spammed the living hell out of the link to everyone and anyone.

Well... since I'm trying to change my ways and be a little lest modest about myself and my cosplay crafts I actually submitted my photo to one of these things!! Shortly thereafter it -DID- become a popularity contest! Honestly though the person winning at this moment (the Jack Sparrow) is pretty dang good! I like that he has all the little bits and bobs that fill out the details of the costume! My only problem with him is his make-up. Since is face is narrow just totally blacking around his eyes seems to accentuate that. It's also a very harsh line while I see Jack Sparrow's actually being more of a dirt/greasy smudge look. To widen his face it'd be better to not put any of the eye liner on inside of his eyes (near his nose) but that seems to be where it all is... But hey! It's make-up and I don't expect people to be great at it- especially not someone whom would probably be wearing it every day ^^;;
I also thought that Nikki's Fiona was really cute! Especially the photo of her with a bubble gum bubble :) It makes me giggle because there is also a girl cosplay as Princess Bubblegum in the contest and it just seems so fitting ^-^

I honestly don't think I'll win since I don't really force my face everywhere *laugh* And having gotten as many likes as I have already I am mega flattered!! I really can't even to begin to describe how happy it makes me :) Even if it is friends asking others to vote or it's honestly people liking my cosplay. The fact that I got ANY likes makes me happy! I suppose I find joy in the little things though haha.

Well. If you'd like to vote for me and check out the contest here is the link ^^;; I would greatly appreciate it! And make sure to check out other people's cosplays too. There are some awesome people in this contest and it'd be nice for them all to get some exposure in this :)