Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cosplay attention

I've been a bit of a creeper when it comes to the happenings in the cosplay community over the past few years. As a sociological circle to observe: It's interesting! In fact very interesting. And I've made a few observations as of late that I KNOW hold a good weight behind them now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Facebook Fanpages

I had been mulling it over for a long LONG time now about making myself a "fan" page on Facebook.
I know that there are many a cosplayers out there whom have them that are much more well known than myself and somewhat felt that if I made one I'd come across as narcissistic and big-headed about my own hobby. I had actually thought about this for OVER A YEAR before making one and, eventually, I caved.

I've never been really good about promoting myself since I always felt odd doing so. Like I was acting too self-important and just... silly. But I suppose that's what cosplay has become, hasn't it? It really is a pony show haha. Full of drama and competition. I remember cosplay being more about fandom and when you would see someone dressed as the same character, or a character you liked, you could fangirl with them about the series and be all excited and stupid about it together. Construction didn't matter. Quality didn't really matter. Even if the person wearing the outfit wasn't "pretty"- it didn't matter! Because you both were fans! :D

But cosplay has changed a lot. Though there is still, thankfully, the fan side of things it has become more so about being a "model" of the character. It's about the package deal now and lookin' good in your cosplay is expected. So I gotta start trying harder! Learn the poses! Practice make-up! Don't be a full derp! Haha... oh man.

Well back to the topic at hand. I gave in and made a "fan" page. Though really I hope more so to use it as a hub for all my social sites and the like. I don't really ever expect the thing to reach 100 likes. Hell even reaching 50 HONESTLY surprised me! "Do people like my stuff -that- much?!" ran through my head with every new person liking it. And now it's gotten to the thoughts of "Am I really that good?" Haha. I suppose this is a bit of a boost to get myself more active with my projects. It's somewhat exciting and has breathed a small amount of new life into the hobby :) Maybe it really has always been for the attention?

Here's a link! :D
Anza's Cosplay Fanpage!