Saturday, March 28, 2015

SakuraCon Countdown- ONE WEEK


So yeah Sailor Mercury is far from being done. I had to remake my collar at least 3 times because of the sh*tty 3mm ribbon the girls chose to use; my machine kept mauling it no matter what I'd do. Though thinking back on it now putting a thicker interfacing under it might have helped >_>;; I really miss my old beast of a sewing machine.
Kelsey is cool with me not getting Black Lady done so I'm going to take my time on her. I want to make it really nice with the super low back cut and sheer fabrics galore. Though I've been getting an itch to just make something... pretty. Not really a character per-say but just something fancy and artsy and creative. I suppose I could do a Sakizou cosplay and it would be up this alley. I want to make something with the fabrics I already have though ^^;; And just... go. See what I can do. Ya know? Been getting that urge.

Elsewise from cosplay I've been working a bit more here and thereto get my life "back in order". Sounds strange I suppose but I easily get consumed and stressed by every-day things if I let them pile up too much. So I'm making commitments to myself to completely clean my room again, organize figures, go through my clothes, trim down my lolita wardrobe more, and just generally organize things and try my damnedest to de-clutter! I've got a few spare random box figures I was able to sell off and I'll be bringing to SakuraCon for people. Kind of hoping I could thin things out even more but I appreciate whatever I can get [rid of] XD

HONESTLY though. HONEST honest. I think I'll be just fine for Mercury. I'm far enough along that if I keep myself going over the next few days I'll get everything together with a bit of time to spare :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Navy Double-bow platform lolita shoes (Shoes255)

Double-bow platform Lolita Shoes [link]
("nav" aka Navy blue)
[Review of Gold]

Heel Height: in (9cm)
Front Platform: in (3cm)

I've been wanting some navy lolita shoes for a long while now! Navy/blue is a lolita colorway I'm very attracted to and liked the idea of having lolita shoes to match some of my dresses. When select styles of Bodyline's shoes started getting navy colors I was excited though skeptical; how accurate were the stock photos? Would they end up some weird green color like shoes274 are (though those shoes are super cute and I'd still love to buy them!) I took a chance buying shoes255 in their navy color so at the very least I could write up a review here ^^;;

Sunday, March 1, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Lavender Holy Lantern skirt ~ [HD photos]

Lolibrary Link ]
Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern series was huge in popularity upon first news of its release. The series appealed to many wearers of lolita and it's sub-styles. Although the release seemed to learn much heavier towards a "gothic" aesthetic it still had a huge following among sweet wearers. The series' dress and skirt cuts were all very unique and interesting and the fabric is just lovely.

I really loved this skirt but sadly could not fit it into my wardrobe in any way. The lavender color is much closer to a lilac than anything so it is a much colder purple than a true lavender; so be weary about this if you are looking to add this series' lavender piece to your wardrobe.

Skirt measurements:
Waist: 27.5in (~70cm)
Length: 15.7in + 1.1 in of lace (40cm + 3cm)