Sunday, March 1, 2015

*Angelic Pretty* Lavender Holy Lantern skirt ~ [HD photos]

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Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern series was huge in popularity upon first news of its release. The series appealed to many wearers of lolita and it's sub-styles. Although the release seemed to learn much heavier towards a "gothic" aesthetic it still had a huge following among sweet wearers. The series' dress and skirt cuts were all very unique and interesting and the fabric is just lovely.

I really loved this skirt but sadly could not fit it into my wardrobe in any way. The lavender color is much closer to a lilac than anything so it is a much colder purple than a true lavender; so be weary about this if you are looking to add this series' lavender piece to your wardrobe.

Skirt measurements:
Waist: 27.5in (~70cm)
Length: 15.7in + 1.1 in of lace (40cm + 3cm)


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