Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cosplay & life update. Also my birthday :)

Pirate Miku.. well you see... I... I decided not to finish her before my trip. For many reasons though; more to pack, it'll be cold (I get cold super easy), want to be comfortable, the trim has been sold out at the fabric store for over a month, etc etc. It's OK though because it doesn't mean I'll have any less fun when I go! Which I'm really excited for! WTF only a week away!! Ahhh!
I finally found my camera charger, my larger memory card, and well... my camera too. So I have pictures! People prefer pictures after all. They're much more interesting than words. It's also easier to just SHOW people than trying to explain it.

I guess Pedobear is a real bear from something? I mean I guess it makes sense but dang! I was thinking about buying this until I saw the price tag. Uh yeah no.

These masks were super cute! Enjoy me being choukawaiidesunedaiyotenanidesuka desu desu... dehzoo. My dad is in the background wearing Anpanman XD Again... something I thought would be fun to get but they wanted $15 a mask! Maybe if they had Sailor Moon?... heh

That night Rey and I made cookies; he had never made them before and I've made them so much that I can practically do it blindfolded so I figured it'd be a good experience for him. I split the dough so he could have the white chocolate chips he wanted so much.

Made curry for the first time! Super tasty. It contained onions, potatoes, beef and broccoli. I was thinking about making it again without so many onions and without the beef. It was really good though and lasted a few days. The leftovers were still delicious. Maybe even more so :3

Finished product. I don't like plates with food like this... Bowls are just better. I have a bias I guess...

It was my birthday last week on the 11th (11/11) and I turned the ripe old age of... *cough* old. So as with my yearly tradition for myself I made a cake and shared it with people. I ended up halfway through deciding to split the recipe so I could make a dozen cupcakes and the other half just make one layer of a cake instead of two. I knew it'd be easier for me to portion control with the cupcakes as well. And it gave me more of an opportunity to play with what I bought.

The cupcakes were fun to decorate. But I think the "starmallows" were a bit too much for the smaller portion.

I just wanted to have fun with baked goods I guess. Half of it got eaten by Rey, my Dad and myself before I took it to my sister's for her and her children to consume. I can't eat so much sugar anymore. Gives me a headache :(

In the realm of sewing and cosplay I feel a bit accomplished! I was able to finish the apron I wanted to have done so Kem could wear it :) Yes this Sailor Moon apron will be worn by a rather muscularly fit young man. It will be awesome. I asked him if he wanted the pink gingham or the red. He was fine with either. But knowing he likes red I chose to go with it. Also for contrast! Hooray.

No straps on it yet. The pocket is a bit high on me personally but whatever. I had a lot of fun making it and I based it off of a dress-up apron I had as a child :)

Pirate Miku only has trim on half of her right now. The fabric store sold out of it and if I want them to order it just for me I have to buy a minimum of 5 yards. I may as well buy the whole thing by then and just get it for 40% off! I will contemplate this... for it is possible. Here's a shot of it just pinned there. I'm enjoying making this actually. It's a bit of a challenge but nothing that has me pulling my hair out :)

New Sailor Moon fabric I got!! Super old and super Christmas! I, again, have no clue what I'll be doing with this haha. I thought of making a gift pouch of some sort but I rather it'd be something really useful and cute.

Trying the apron on. A little over sized since Kem has a broader chest and is taller than me by a bit. This needs to be ironed rather badly but I was just too excited so I took a picture :) plus it'll just get wrinkled in my luggage anyway.

Over the past 2 days I spent a large amount of my time going through boxes of my "anime crap" aka collectibles. I was able to diminish three large boxes down into two small totes to keep and one large box to sell off. While sorting I found these toys that I was going to use to cosplay Mew Ichigo; I also have Mew Lettuce's castanets. I was thinking of getting a group together for SakuraCon or Kumori. I think it'd be a blast.

Both pieces connect together. It'd a little awkward to handle after that though.

I was rather excited when I found a pair of rubber boots that fit me that didn't cost and arm and a leg! They're really useful when living in Oregon since it rains a good 10 months out of the year (not sure if I'm exaggerating.) Usually the ones I like that I find are around $50 but I was able to pick these up at ROSS for only $16. I had to jump on it. They're cute, my colors, fit perfect and well... weren't expensive.

LOL upside-down wut? Oh well. You get the idea :)

As for this weekend I will be picking out the clothes I will be taking on my trip and cleaning up my apartment more. I need to bring nine days worth of warm/cute clothes with me So I'll be doing a lot of layering and coordinating so I can bring a minimal amount. Skirts and socks are my best friends when it comes to making and outfit work :)

I should really do a review of my orders from Sock Dreams :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life. Progress... but no pictures?

Thanks everyone for your kind words about the BS of my job. To answer/reply to a few comments and questions... my manager hates me because of my "attitude problem" (aka I -generally- don't hesitate to speak my mind and I hate beating around the bush) but the department boss likes me a lot so it helps balance things out (they won't ever get rid of me either because I'm their most productive worker in my job position. Yay manufacturing?)