Friday, November 5, 2010

Life. Progress... but no pictures?

Thanks everyone for your kind words about the BS of my job. To answer/reply to a few comments and questions... my manager hates me because of my "attitude problem" (aka I -generally- don't hesitate to speak my mind and I hate beating around the bush) but the department boss likes me a lot so it helps balance things out (they won't ever get rid of me either because I'm their most productive worker in my job position. Yay manufacturing?)

As for a car... my parents harass me greatly about it; my Father especially though. I know he means well but I -can't- afford a car at my current income. And I am not going to ask either of them for help on it because both are unemployed.
I live in Portland! They have a great transit system here! I just gotta make sure to leave early for stuff. And waiting for, and riding, the buses gives me time to read books or play my DS  >_>;;
Cars are just a giant money blackhole.
And yes.. a vespa would rock. I would cosplay Haruko because that's totally not cliche, right?
But then again.... Portland Oregon. It rains about 10 months out of the year. A scooter/vespa just might not be my best friend haha.

I've got my Pirate Miku top done. My camera is dead and I misplaced the charger so I can't take pictures just yet *fffffffuuu* I started working on an apron though. It is pink and cute~ and it has finally given me a use for my Sailor Moon fabric! Although I'm using my red gingham and not the pink. Here's a picture of the fabric at least:

And with that I'll hush up. 'Cause I really honestly meant this to be a cosplay blog but I seem to be bitching about life a bit too... haha.


  1. Aww that fabric is SUPER cute. And dang, I want a vespa too but my parents are afraid I'll smear myself on the road.

  2. That is true about cars - between insurance and gas, you generally end up paying way more :/ If I'm paying $400+ a month to save 2 hours a day...that works out at around $6 an hour! Half my current pay ;_;

  3. That fabric is so awesome. I imagine it would be my greatest treasure if I were given one 7 years back. x3
    Ah cars aren't everything. But it would be nice to own one. owo I personally refuse to own a recent car model, more so a corvette from the 70's, which is 10x the cost of a regular car. So I guess I'll never own a car. x3

  4. Wow that fabric is awesome!! And as nice as cars are, they are money black holes like you said.

  5. Oh~ I can't wait to see pics of your cosplay when you get your camera back up :3

    I'm sorry about the whole money ordeal, sucks. Maybe see if you can get a gig off creigslist? You are talented, so maybe you can sew someone something for a price ^^

  6. Aaaw it sucks it rains so much, a Vespa would be awesome.

    That is perfect apron fabric. The only episode of Sailormoon I remember is when her cookies turn out really burnt while Chibiusa's are perfect. ;p

  7. A friend of mine would kill for that sailor moon fabric...

    If you have any good amount of it left over after making your apron and you don't think you have a further use for it, I'm sure you could sell it at a good price.

  8. That fabric is effin' adorable! I just keep thinking of the apron sailor moon wears in one of the episodes *why I remember that and nothing else from sailor moon is sort of sad*. I bet it's going to be super cute!

    Also, as for the Vespa, it sounds like fun but one thing that sort of sucks is that is seems all the cute ones are the ones that are like 50ccs :( though they are pretty cool!

  9. Oh wow, my friend would kill for that design!!!