Monday, March 11, 2013

[Cosplay Progress] End of Triangle Ranka

With Sakura Con very swiftly approaching I've just FINALLY gotten my poop in a group and started working on one of my cosplay outfits I'll be wearing that still needed to be made! I'm bringing magical girl Mami (from Madoka Magica) and Stocking's default lolita dress (Panty and Stocking) but... TO JUST NOW START ON A COSPLAY.

I'm crazy. I know.

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I really honestly pity Liz more though as her Sheryl outfit is hell compared to Ranka's; We're making the "End of Triangle" outfits from the 3rd Macross Frontier movie.

So far I've gotten a good start on things. I spent a good deal of time already on the top and have all the layers stitched together. I'm trying to work on the navy colored parts first so I can efficiently sew things without having to switch out thread/bobbins too often. Also the navy bits are, in large part, the bases for everything else; maybe I'm just lazy but to me this is the best way to go about things.

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I bought gloves a long LONG time ago for a Steel Angel Kurumi cosplay that was nearly the perfect color- they're still a bit too blue compared to the fabric I chose. I was thinking about trying to dye them down a bit with black though to dull out the blue. I'll have to get the dye though. The gloves just need a yellow cuff added and they'll be done other wise. Ranka has these weird gloves that end part way up her thumb (about an inch from the wrist) but I didn't cut them down all the way yet so I had plenty of fabric to stitch the cuff to.

The bracelet was found on etsy! It's from the 80's. I searched EVERY STORE in Lloyd center and every Target, Fred Meyer, and well... honestly any store I went in to that had a jewelry section I searched and searched for a PLAIN translucent bangle like this. Despite this green being a color that is in style this season I could not find anything remotely close!
Not even just a green bangle that didn't have some sort of crazy design all on it. This really was a seriously wonderful find. Thank you internet!!

I wear the weirdest things
when I sew LOL
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As for the corset top, at this point, I need to press the seams flat and add the boning in. Not sure if I have enough boning as it is but I'll be able to add what I do have on hand. If I end up running out I'll work on the belt piece (I drafted a pattern so far but nothing else) and will also have her arm bands to make. Well... I made the blue base for the one on her upper arm. But her wrist one still need to be made. I feel like that one will be a lot easier to make though as it won't involved curves ~_~;;

I'm waiting on some metal heart findings to come in the mail to make her necklace and ring out of. I'm also waiting on the gold studs! I had bought a bunch earlier but they ended up being too small ;-; The studs need to be as wide as my choker- these were the nicest small gold buckles I could come across that weren't the standard ugly Drtiz ones. I don't like their color of gold either! It's a very cold yellow that just looks cheap. For Ranka I'm trying to stick with a warmer gold so everything actually ends up looking to have a brass tint to them. I think it compliments the navy blue a lot better than a harsh, bright gold. /Gold Rant (lol)

I'm crazy... still... I know this. I think once I have the corset top all done and put together everything else will somewhat fall in to place. I still need to figure out shoes because she has a lightning bolt on the heel... I'm not really sure I'll be able to find such shoes in time. I'm also debating on finding a pair and molding my own heel shape onto it. I have such a problem with high heels being comfortable that I rue ever having to order them online :( Really hate having to... UGH.
This should not have taken as long
as it did ~_~;;
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I think the part I'm most excited for on this costume is the giant butt cape I get :3 I'll probably go pick up MORE fabric for that honestly- I want it to be huge and anime-like! It'll flow as I waaalllkkk and I'll probably never stop messing with it LOL. I'm glad this costume will have a "fun" part on it like this... seriously. Sometimes wearing a costume is just so uncomfortable that it's nice to have something you can be silly with :)