Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Store Review] Catzia's Sailor Senshi Tiaras (Magenta Sailor Moon and Dark Blue Mercury/Uranus)

Finally. After all these years. I will once again be cosplaying from Sailor Moon! And thus, finally, I have found the perfect excuse to order the brass tiaras from Catzia's Collectibles! I've always wanted one and had been eyeing them for so long. But I really felt like Sailor Moon cosplay was much better done in a group. And with the reboot of the series ala "Sailor Moon Crystal" what better chance for fans to start showing their senshi pride? :3 I was asked by a local group of cosplay girls to be in their group for SakuraCon as Sailor Mercury! And I could NOT be happier! Mercury is one of my very top favorite girls and I am so excited to dress as her finally~!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy Sunday!~

I have no luck doing anything Saturday. I sleep. That's what I do. It's horrible and I hate it at times. Often I sleep to the point that my work-time schedule gets messed up and I'm sleeping again like a normal person should (I work a weird swing/graveyard shift). I like sleeping at nights but switching sleep schedules on the weekend to then go back to an opposite schedule 2 days later is massively unhealthy :(

Regardless I'm really glad that I didn't waste my Sunday!

Portland had some amazingly beautiful weather. I was able to convince my roommate to get out of her room for a bit and come with me to get fabric and to go eat. I had been meaning to get to the fabric store to finish off buy fabrics for my Wicked Lady cosplay and the store was having a bit of a sale- 30% off select fabrics. Some of which I needed! I couldn't find the discount coupons I had kickin' around but I didn't want to spend too long looking for them since Liz was already waiting for me in the stairwell ^^;;

Sunday, February 22, 2015

*SakuraCon* plans

Finally in the planning stage of what I'm going to have for SakuraCon! I've been mulling over what to make/bring insofar as cosplay goes and I ended up essentially falling into some groups with people. I very rarely if ever cosplay in groups anymore >_>;; I tend to get screwed over by others where they wait until the last minute to work on anything and just drop their cosplay lol. Or I buy wigs in a group order and I never get paid for them. Many other things have happened in my attempt to cosplay in groups. But now these people I'll be cosplaying with are people I know and trust to get things done! And with the progress pictures they're already posting I'm just super excited! :D In fact, -I'M- the one falling behind in productivity!! (I'll blame this on work, okie? Okie.)

Friday, February 20, 2015

[Bodyline Review:] Fur-lined slouch ankle boots (shoes298)

Fur-lined slouch ankle boots [link]
("blk-brw" aka Black with brown accents)

Heel Height: 2.3in (6cm)

I've seen these boots kickin' around on Bodyline's site for some time though in reality I never payed much mind to them. They seemed cute but I never wanted to risk the listing prices to find out (BL certainly seems to inflate prices when first listing shoes lately!). These boots however seemed to not be so popular as the prices fell, fell, and fell some more. Then the site had a 1000yen off all shoes sale and these boots became super cheap! I figured "why not!" and ended up buying them since I couldn't find any info on other blogs. Well I certainly am not disappointed!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Bodyline order of the year~

It took all the way until February for me to make a Bodyline order! I'm honestly a bit proud of myself! Haha really though I don't order from them a lot- maybe once every 3 months is that? Regardless I made an order just last night because of some items Bodyline released recently! I also needed to snag up some shoes for some cosplay before they were totally sold out, so I took the opportunity to do so while also getting the new boots they released!