Friday, February 20, 2015

[Bodyline Review:] Fur-lined slouch ankle boots (shoes298)

Fur-lined slouch ankle boots [link]
("blk-brw" aka Black with brown accents)

Heel Height: 2.3in (6cm)

I've seen these boots kickin' around on Bodyline's site for some time though in reality I never payed much mind to them. They seemed cute but I never wanted to risk the listing prices to find out (BL certainly seems to inflate prices when first listing shoes lately!). These boots however seemed to not be so popular as the prices fell, fell, and fell some more. Then the site had a 1000yen off all shoes sale and these boots became super cheap! I figured "why not!" and ended up buying them since I couldn't find any info on other blogs. Well I certainly am not disappointed!

Firstly I will mention that I'm surprised by just how soft the fur is on these! Bodyline does NOT have a good reputation with fur on their lolita coats and such. This is some of the nicer faux fur I've felt on shoes and such. Even at the fabric store a lot of their fur is rather... gross felling ^^;; This is actually really nice though.

Cuffed and straight style with soft fur!
Sizing is JUST on the mark. I'm a US size 7.5 in shoes so I ordered a 245 from Bodyline. More often than not shoes I order from Japan with this size fit just right or have alittle wiggle room. These boots however are size 245 on the mark and may pinch your toes if you wear them too long or with too thick of leg wear. I actually intend to order these again and size up! I really do like these enough to do so~ I suggest sizing up by at least half a size if you have an exact size or intend to wear really thick socks. If your feet are a bit smaller in-between though you should be just fine.

The boots are made to be worn both straight up or cuffed- they really do look cute both ways. I really like the brown accent and wish Bodyline would make more boots like this (white with pink fur? That would be super cute!) But seeing how long these have sit on the site I doubt it :(
velvet ribbon

The ribbons are just wrapped around the boots and aren't attached in any way and can be removed. They are a velvet material that just LOVES to collect lint and dust! The fold however is made to stay in the boot and would be difficult to smooth out- doing so would also roll up the top in a strange way. I think the slouchey style is nice as it is.

Overall these boots are made surprisingly well! I cannot say for how long they last when worn as the size issue I had with them prevents me from wearing them for any period of time. But once I get the size I need I'll certainly update this entry :)

I've noticed holes in the back of the boots. I'm assuming this is some way to mark them for when they're built? I'm not entirely sure but they're a bit distracting when the hole has a lot of the material missing around it >_>;; Taking a marker to it is simple enough but I do find it to be a bit strange.

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