Sunday, February 22, 2015

*SakuraCon* plans

Finally in the planning stage of what I'm going to have for SakuraCon! I've been mulling over what to make/bring insofar as cosplay goes and I ended up essentially falling into some groups with people. I very rarely if ever cosplay in groups anymore >_>;; I tend to get screwed over by others where they wait until the last minute to work on anything and just drop their cosplay lol. Or I buy wigs in a group order and I never get paid for them. Many other things have happened in my attempt to cosplay in groups. But now these people I'll be cosplaying with are people I know and trust to get things done! And with the progress pictures they're already posting I'm just super excited! :D In fact, -I'M- the one falling behind in productivity!! (I'll blame this on work, okie? Okie.)

So far I've only got Friday and Saturday planned out (scheduling cosplays for specific days feels really strange to me...) and funny enough they're both Sailor Moon series cosplays! On Friday I'm in a group for Sailor Moon Crystal as Sailor Mercury ❤!! She's my favorite senshi so I'm super excited to cosplay her. The group I'm in is full of talented girls and I've been meaning to do -something- with them. So when they asked me I was really excited and said yes instantly- even before I knew I could go to the con or not. I really love the fabric we've been using and while I'm having troubles figuring out what exactly I want to do with the boots (some girls want to used suede! *-*;;) I'm ready to bring my A game back into my Sailor Moon series cosplay. This is only the beginning of a huge list of senshi I want to cosplay.

On Saturday I'm in a Sailor Moon villains group with my good friend Kelsey. She was one of the girls I cosplayed with at my first ever con back in 2003 so I'm really looking forward to doing stuff with her again. She's come super far in her craft so the fact that she's going to be cosplaying Queen Beryl is just too good. She's already posted a bunch of progress on her Facebook page as well as her tumblr and I'm just loving the personal details she's adding to the costume. Then again I think it'd be hilarious if she did the "angry Christmas tree" Beryl from the musicals... but I don't think anyone wants to or deserves to suffer that costume XD

For the villains group on Saturday I'm making Wicked Lady (yes I know her name is "Black Lady" but umm... yeah). I've been itching to make this cosplay for YEARS now so I am just too excited for this. I've gotten all sorts of pretty sheers for her blue skirt accents and such. Kelsey gave me some two-tone black and red taffeta for her dress. I was really wanting to use velvet but finding the black/red kind is proving to be a pain; I've only ever found it in a fabric store in Seattle and even then that was years ago. I guess it's just not popular? Which is strange considering I've found black/orange (yuck!) I know I could custom order it but even then the minimum to do so at Fabric Depot is 5 yards :/ and I really don't need -that- much of it. So the taffeta was free for me and still looks pretty ^^;;

Since the designs vary so much between manga, anime and the two iterations of the musical I've been using them all for references. I'm using the musical designs to get ideas for fabrics and wig and such but I'm leaning more towards the manga for details. The shoes I've gotten are super strapy and kind of sexy. I was unable to find ones similar to the manga arr for a cosplay budget price but I did find something that suits the character well enough. I want to have the extra necklaces, bracelets and ankle beads but I'm waiting for my shoes in the mail before I purchase anything. I know my shoes might be a way brighter red so I'm going to try to incorporate whatever red they are into the other accessories so they don't look so oddly out of place. I really hope they AREN'T a fire engine red though as I've been sticking much more to a bold color scheme of maroon, magenta and navy for the blue dress sheer. I actually worry the fabric will all look terrible together haha. But I suppose I'll make it work somehow!

Other than these two I really have no plans for other cosplays. I'm not sure I'll have time to make something new so I might just wear old things that need photos- like Stocking, Q, or maybe even a cute lolita outfit? I tend to over pack for son anyway so we'll see how this one goes ^^;;

SakuraCon is shaping up to be Sailor Moon con; and I'm 5000 times OK with that!

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