Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy Sunday!~

I have no luck doing anything Saturday. I sleep. That's what I do. It's horrible and I hate it at times. Often I sleep to the point that my work-time schedule gets messed up and I'm sleeping again like a normal person should (I work a weird swing/graveyard shift). I like sleeping at nights but switching sleep schedules on the weekend to then go back to an opposite schedule 2 days later is massively unhealthy :(

Regardless I'm really glad that I didn't waste my Sunday!

Portland had some amazingly beautiful weather. I was able to convince my roommate to get out of her room for a bit and come with me to get fabric and to go eat. I had been meaning to get to the fabric store to finish off buy fabrics for my Wicked Lady cosplay and the store was having a bit of a sale- 30% off select fabrics. Some of which I needed! I couldn't find the discount coupons I had kickin' around but I didn't want to spend too long looking for them since Liz was already waiting for me in the stairwell ^^;;

I picked up the pink lining for the dress, a pink organza for her shawl, and this really pretty blue textured chiffon for the under skirt. I am SO so in love with the blue chiffon that I bought a bit more than I honestly needed XD I want to make a cute skirt out of it! Just a real simple a-line or maybe even a lolita skirt I can also wear casually? Regardless the fabric is just lovely and I had zero success photographing it well with my phone ~_~;;
I had the red taffeta and the red chiffon from my friend Kelsey and a previous fabric trip. So picking up these last 3 fabrics was all I needed for now. I totally space on getting the black fabric I'll need for her shirt collar and cuffs though *-* I guess I'll have to head back again in the coming weeks, oi.

Afterwards we headed downtown further into Portland to eat at a place I jikingly refer to as "future poops" lol. It's a vegan restaurant that I've fallen totally in love with over the passed year due to the simplicity, flavor, and what I find to be perfectly portioned meals. The place is called Prasad and is just north of Powell's Books. Having parked downtown in one of parking structures we had a small walk ahead of use but it wasn't any more than maybe 7 or so blocks. Plus as I mentioned before it was a really nice sunny day and the walk was nice :) I kind of wanted to go into Powell's but Liz didn't seem up to it and I knew she needed to do laundry and study ^^;; so we just did the food thing.

The food bowls are what I am most used to ordering- this time I ordered the "Dragon Bowl" which contains kale, beans, quinoa or rice (I chose quinoa), sea vegetables, avocado, steamed greens, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, scallions & kimchi. The kimchi is not the kind of kimchi you get at Korean restaurants though and has only a slightly pickled flavor- not spicy at all. Overall it's a very filling and very healthy meal. Not everyone I have brought here has liked it but honestly I don't expect that either ^^;;
I was sad to have been told they no longer had my favorite peanut butter sauce D: this stuff was amazing! I tried their lemon ginger sauce after asking for a suggestion of "what is the sweeter option" and boy this wasn't sweet. Maybe is comparison to the others it was but it was also really tart. I love lemon but the ginger was a bit much and I couldn't taste much of the ingredients :( after I ate it a bit I got used to it but I think I won't be ordering that dressing again. The other options they currently have are "lemon ginger, garlic tahini, green chili, carrot habanero, jalapeño cashew cheese, & sunflower chili cream" and honestly I don't even know what one sounds good to me :/

I also ordered their matcha latte which as they describe on their site consists of "green tea matcha steamed with almond-hemp or coconut milk and vanilla syrup". I chose almond-hemp instead of coconut milk. It was good but... bland? I usually find a lot of matcha drinks places do seem to scrimp on the matcha since it's such a strong flavor; and I see that as my personal issue here. I LOVE strong matcha ^^;; So this latte was good for what it was but just wasn't enough for me flavor-wise.

T'was feeling like a small dessert afterwards and wanting something that -wasn't- vegan or gluteen free we searched around for bakeries. That's when I learned a lot of bakeries in Portland are closed on Sunday... ooookay. So it was a quick walk over to Elephants Delicatessen for sweets. I picked up a few macrons and apple IZZE soda ad we headed back to the car.

Afterwards we decided on a whim to visit cascade station and bother our friend Albert at work. Just a bit of chatting with him and we went to the store to get litter for the cat... but ended up walking out with more than intended XD;; ugh sales. I didn't buy a whole lot personally but Liz ended up getting some clothes. We agreed that we spent waaaay too long in their though as by the time we got home it was around 5pm! Luckily this still left Liz with enough time to do a few loads of laundry and I rather promptly passed out. I'm not sure why? I didn't think I was THAT tired; but I slept well none-the-less. Now I need to actually sew the fabric I bought ^^;;

Productive and busy Sunday~!

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