Thursday, March 31, 2016

March's 10 Online Finds - I love shoes edition!

Shoes shoes shoes! Cute shoes everywhere!

01: Literal Ballet Flats
(Taobao Link)

Not the simple slip-on shoes so common in American fashion. Yes- actual, literal, made to look like ballet shoes, flats.

I don't know how easy or difficult they are to walk in but I love the idea of them so much~!

02: Cut-out Detailed Ankle Boots
(Taobao Link)

Simple, sophisticated, and yet still cute! I love all the little cut-out details and how versatile these possibly could be in all the given colors. Really attracted to the red but they totally wouldn't fit into my wardrobe :( regardless I do find them tempting but maybe in a lighter color.

03: Constellation Shoes
(Taobao Link)

Lots of Sailor Moon vibes with these! I honestly think of Luna when she turns human in the movie. An over-arching theme in my wardrobe is stars so I instantly found these cute when I was scrolling through Evol Day's shop!

04: Moon Princess pearl heels
(Taobao Link)

I know they're not actually supposed to be Princess Serenity style shoes but they're just so pretty and remind me of her dress so much :) The shoes come in pink and blue and both colors are just lovely!

05: Strappy Platforms

(AliExpress Link)

I know that platform style shoes have been back in style for some time but I personally always thought a lot of them looked too, how to put it, chunky? Huge? Almost like clown shoes...
But these? I think they're actually cute! I like the wrap-around straps and much more airy look :)

06: Who did it first?
(Taobao Link)

Antaina are already incredibly well-known among lolitas but I just wanted to point out that they have an exact style of shoe that Bodyline carries! And for cheaper still! I find that one of the best parts about Antaina is just how willing they are to make custom styles/colors- so with that in mind I am actually pretty darn tempted to order these in mint green from them.

07: Sweetheart Square Toe shoes
(Taobao Link)

Ballet-vibes for sure with the subtle square style toe but with the added details of the material cuts on the toe box and the cross straps and bow. I really find these interesting to look at and wonder how they would look with a lot of outfits. The site -does- have worn pictures but very few ;/

08: Strappy Wedge Lolita shoes
(Taobao Link)

I'm not usually a fan of wedge shoes but these just looked too cute~ I like the strappy style typically seen on Western wedge shoes for summer. I could very much see these being used with cute strawberry-themed and country lolita coordinates.

09: Glitter Party heel replicas
(AliExpress Link)

Turns out these are Secret Shop shoes! For the free shipping and price they're a super great deal~! I'll do a longer review on these shoes in a dedicated post (as well as #10's shoes) So check it out when it goes up!

They also make your legs look A.MAY.ZING!

10: "Soft" Glitter Party heel replicas
(Taobao Link)

I am in love with these shoes. They are so incredibly pretty- I almost like them better than the original Angelic Pretty "Glitter Party" heels. I refer to them as being "soft" considering they don't actually have any glitter on them at all! The material has a foil aspect to them instead. (Check out my huge full review for more pictures and info!- coming soon)

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Last Minute SakuraCon

How is it that I always plan SakuraCon when flying by the seat of my pants? Work is the most difficult thing to, errr... work around. If I go I'd have to figure out a late Friday night plan to caravan/travel up. Luckily this year I haven't agreed to be in any groups for Friday or Saturday (I'll be  too tired, I know it.) I DID however agree to finally finish an old Ranka Lee costume as well as making Princess Sailor Mercury for a group.

And there's only roughly 20 days left until the con.


Honestly, I'm not sure! But I suppose I should get sewing! Luckily I had most of the fabric for the princess dress and Ranka is close to being done as is. Just finishing up some pieces like the skirt, detailing my shoes, and the weird arm band thing she has. I do hope it still fits since I started it some 2 years ago.

Ahhhh... why do I do this to myself lol