Monday, March 7, 2016

Last Minute SakuraCon

How is it that I always plan SakuraCon when flying by the seat of my pants? Work is the most difficult thing to, errr... work around. If I go I'd have to figure out a late Friday night plan to caravan/travel up. Luckily this year I haven't agreed to be in any groups for Friday or Saturday (I'll be  too tired, I know it.) I DID however agree to finally finish an old Ranka Lee costume as well as making Princess Sailor Mercury for a group.

And there's only roughly 20 days left until the con.


Honestly, I'm not sure! But I suppose I should get sewing! Luckily I had most of the fabric for the princess dress and Ranka is close to being done as is. Just finishing up some pieces like the skirt, detailing my shoes, and the weird arm band thing she has. I do hope it still fits since I started it some 2 years ago.

Ahhhh... why do I do this to myself lol

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