Thursday, March 31, 2016

March's 10 Online Finds - I love shoes edition!

Shoes shoes shoes! Cute shoes everywhere!

01: Literal Ballet Flats
(Taobao Link)

Not the simple slip-on shoes so common in American fashion. Yes- actual, literal, made to look like ballet shoes, flats.

I don't know how easy or difficult they are to walk in but I love the idea of them so much~!

02: Cut-out Detailed Ankle Boots
(Taobao Link)

Simple, sophisticated, and yet still cute! I love all the little cut-out details and how versatile these possibly could be in all the given colors. Really attracted to the red but they totally wouldn't fit into my wardrobe :( regardless I do find them tempting but maybe in a lighter color.

03: Constellation Shoes
(Taobao Link)

Lots of Sailor Moon vibes with these! I honestly think of Luna when she turns human in the movie. An over-arching theme in my wardrobe is stars so I instantly found these cute when I was scrolling through Evol Day's shop!

04: Moon Princess pearl heels
(Taobao Link)

I know they're not actually supposed to be Princess Serenity style shoes but they're just so pretty and remind me of her dress so much :) The shoes come in pink and blue and both colors are just lovely!

05: Strappy Platforms

(AliExpress Link)

I know that platform style shoes have been back in style for some time but I personally always thought a lot of them looked too, how to put it, chunky? Huge? Almost like clown shoes...
But these? I think they're actually cute! I like the wrap-around straps and much more airy look :)

06: Who did it first?
(Taobao Link)

Antaina are already incredibly well-known among lolitas but I just wanted to point out that they have an exact style of shoe that Bodyline carries! And for cheaper still! I find that one of the best parts about Antaina is just how willing they are to make custom styles/colors- so with that in mind I am actually pretty darn tempted to order these in mint green from them.

07: Sweetheart Square Toe shoes
(Taobao Link)

Ballet-vibes for sure with the subtle square style toe but with the added details of the material cuts on the toe box and the cross straps and bow. I really find these interesting to look at and wonder how they would look with a lot of outfits. The site -does- have worn pictures but very few ;/

08: Strappy Wedge Lolita shoes
(Taobao Link)

I'm not usually a fan of wedge shoes but these just looked too cute~ I like the strappy style typically seen on Western wedge shoes for summer. I could very much see these being used with cute strawberry-themed and country lolita coordinates.

09: Glitter Party heel replicas
(AliExpress Link)

Turns out these are Secret Shop shoes! For the free shipping and price they're a super great deal~! I'll do a longer review on these shoes in a dedicated post (as well as #10's shoes) So check it out when it goes up!

They also make your legs look A.MAY.ZING!

10: "Soft" Glitter Party heel replicas
(Taobao Link)

I am in love with these shoes. They are so incredibly pretty- I almost like them better than the original Angelic Pretty "Glitter Party" heels. I refer to them as being "soft" considering they don't actually have any glitter on them at all! The material has a foil aspect to them instead. (Check out my huge full review for more pictures and info!- coming soon)

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