Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's 10 Online Finds

01: Madoka & Homura nighties
(Taobao Link)

I've said this once and I'll say it a hundred times more if need be- I LOVE cosplay-inspired "regular" clothing items. These are just too pretty and I would love to see someone do a cute cosplay photo shoot with them :)

02: Rice ball Pouch
(Taobao Link)

Cute tiny pouch for storing things! I do recommend using cute tiny pouches like these to keep your purse or bag well organized. This one seems just the right size for things such as lip balm and small things like nail clippers and such. Though due to it's depth it could probably fit a fair bit.

03: Love Live UR purse
(Taobao Link)

Uhm, cute! Perfect purse for any Love Live cosplay! I want to see tons of these at cons. The detailing and lining is such a nice touch and I am so tempted to buy one despite how small it seems. It's just wonderfully fun for cosplay uses ^^;;

04: Chiffon Maxi Skirt
(AliExpress Link)

I've been really loving chiffon maxi skirts for this coming spring and summer season. I made sure to check reviews for a ton of similar skirts and this one seems like a really great deal! Free shipping and 15 different colors as well make it hard for me to choose just which one to get. Though of course I'm totally drawn to light minty blue (color 14) I'll probably go for a darker blue or neutral color to get more wear out of it.

05: Pokédoge Purse
(AliExpress Link)

Mash-ups tend to result in overly hilarious and endearing products. I don't know who would buy this and why- other than as a gag gift. But it made me chuckle enough to include it in this month's list.

06: Sailor Moon Pocket Watches
(AliExpress Link)

Cute an functional fandom merch!? My fave! (as I keep saying lol) Though I don't expect a lot of people to carry around conventional watches of any sort anymore I do think it'd be a cute addition to any Sailor Moon cosplay :)

07: Love Live Acrylic Keychains
(Taobao Link)

I know TONS of people that love buying fandom keychains and especially ones with fanart on them from artist allies at conventions. These ones are super cute not only in style but also for the fact that they have so many different outfits unique to each girl <3

08: Poof Ball Ice Cream Cone Purse
(Taobao Link)

I'm almost certain this would be real fur though (usually rabbit) because of just how fluffy it looks. So keep that in mind if ordering!

They also come in purple and have a shoulder chain strap. Seriously cute and whimsical but they also look really small.

09: Holy Lantern Bows
(Taobao Link)

Cute small handmade bows that match all the different colors of Angelic Pretty's "Holy Lantern" dress series.

Considering the official accessories and hair accessories can be expensive and difficult to find second-hand this is a super cute alternative~

(This particular shop also has a lot of other cute accessories!)

10: School Uniform Ties & Bows
(Taobao Link)

A must-have for any participant in the nanchatte seifuku style as well as useful for various cosplays; and overall cute accessories in general!

Not included in the photo here are ones that have chocolate block patterns in pink or brown that are super adorable! I don't dress nanchatte but I love these little ties and hope to get the chocolate ones. I could see the blue, green, and red striped ones being used for Love Live school uniform cosplays as well to add a more realistic touch to the outfits~

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