Monday, February 29, 2016

February's 10 Online Finds

I decided to start a new series of monthly blog posts dedicated to the things I've found via Taobao and AliExpress. Lot's of the items found will be things I have NOT purchased myself but are still things I find interesting, want to purchase, or even can't stop laughing at. If I've bought anything I will be sure to review it and add a link as there ARE a good number of things I actually want as well! :)

If you purchase or have purchased anything from any of the lists let me know and I'll add a link to your review :)

01: Card Captor Magic Circle Beret
(AliExpress Link) (Taobao Link)
[There are many links/stores for this hat! Shop around~]

I LOVE subtle fandom items! This beret is just too cute and comes in tons of colors! The design is embroidered and fully contains all the detailed bits of Sakura's magic circle from Card Captor Sakura. I hope to order this soon but I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on a color!

If anyone buys this please let me know!

02: Pretty pink lace maxi skirt 
(Taobao Link)

Super cute! I actually want to buy this for summer <3 I've been so in love with long flowy skirts lately that I want it haha

03: Cat-faced Panties
(AliExpress link)

Cats and underwear- what's not to love? The undies appear to be printed on a nylon fabric with a fused, not sewn, edge. The side insides seems might be serged though? There are a good number of other listings for these very panties so finding a lower price should be easy enough~

Comes in 5 colors!

04: HUGE marine animal bags!
(Taobao Link)

These things are HUGE! I suspect they run the risk of smacking people in crowds but they're so quirky! (Which seems to be the theme I'm accidentally posting... eheheh...)

I think my favorite is the shark or orca. But then again it's pretty hard to choose ^^;;

05: Benedict Cumberbatch Shirt
(Taobao Link)

I don't even know what this shirt is lol I just love it. I seriously want someone to buy it. I just want to see it in person that's all XD

Please someone buy this and send me pictures!!

06: Break the Internet King Jong Un
(AliExpress link)

I really don't know what to say about this thing. It's hilarious and beautiful all wrapped into one train-wreck of a package. It's amazing and at the same time so possibly offensive but is done in such a way that I'm not exactly sure if I should stare to try and figure it out or if I should look away.

I'll report more on this one as one of my friends decided to buy it. As it is though I couldn't stop laughing so it deserves a spot on this list!

07: Princess Carriage Coin Purse
(Taobao Link)

I'm a sucker for coin purses. I know the idea of carrying one is rather outdated but since I enjoy keeping my things organized I just love them :) these ones are SUPER cute and I just adore them~ They may also be useful for organizing other items like any hair ties or such one would be carrying in their bag.

We should bring back coin purses :) Make them "in style" haha

08: Crotchless Self-depreciating tights
(Taobao Link)

I don't even know. I think they're a fetish thing? I had to laugh a lot when I first found them but maybe someone will find them interesting/funny enough to buy


09: Card Captor Clow Book Diary
(Taobao Link)

Again with the subtle fandom items haha. I love that it's lined and the pages are so stylized. The paper used looks to be a good, thick quality and the book itself has a wonderful hard cover with texture. The gold detailing really seals the deal and I can already imagine having this on my own shelf! Though I'm more inclined to buy a blank page version to use for drawing ^^;;

This seller also has a bunch of different themed diaries/journals including Legolas, Harry Potter (Gryffindor & Slytherin only... no HufflePuff love ;_;) and Kuroshitsuji aka "Black Butler".

10: Mint Kitty Purse
(AliExpress Link)

Mint! And cats! And purses!! Too cute!! My only gripe is that it seems a bit small and I've been known to carry a lot of things with me whenever I go somewhere >_>;; This wouldn't even fit half my stuff LOL but for the more modest carrier of things this is a cute option!!

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