Wednesday, February 17, 2016

*Angelic Pretty* Brigitte Regimen Sax Tiered JSK [HD photos]

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Ever since I first purchased Angelic Pretty's Chelsea Regimental jumper skirt I have been completely in love with AP's non-print dresses! The beauty of the detail really jumps out at you when you see them in person- Angelic Pretty's stock photos do NOT do their dresses justice, ever! I have come to learn this over time; and honestly was one of the reasons I decided to start taking pictures of dresses to post online :)

The Brigitte Regimen tiered JSK is the same cut as Angelic Pretty's 2011 series "Letter Regimental". The other pieces are, of course, different between the two releases but the tiered JSK is such a lovely dress that I am happy they remade it with another release! However there are some slight differences between the two series- I'll have to make a post soon to show them.

When I first saw the release info for this series I was torn between the pink or blue. I actually ended up getting the pink dress first and later picked up the blue version secondhand. Since I use a pink background for photos I figured the blue dress would be more ideal to take photos of~ I may figure out something to use for the pink soon since it really is a lovely dusty pink color :)

Jumper skirt stats:
Bust: 34 ~ 38.5in (87~98cm)
Waist: 25.5 ~ 30in (65~77cm)
Length: 34.6 + 1.5in of lace (88cm + 4cm of lace)

Product Number:  142PJ9-2903

~Full review to come later~


  1. Oh wow, that's just stunning! The colours are so lovely in your photos.

  2. Man this is super lovely. I should really pay more attention to Angelic Pretty's non-print clothing. It's just so lovely!