Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lolita Resolutions 2016

In 2016 my views on lolita as a hobby have changed greatly. While I still love and enjoy it I quickly find myself being drawn more and more to multi-use pieces and more toned-down sweet/classic hybrids. I still love a lot of Angelic Pretty's older super sweet prints but I really do enjoy the new more subtle and toned-down pieces they've been releasing. I've also found a ton of their non-print dresses that I adore but am having one heck of a time finding D: So while on the hunt I'm getting more and more of an urge to start sewing my own- which honestly is a good idea! Since I have so much nice random fabric in my bins and almost nothing to use it for >_>;;

Anyway. Let's take a look back on last years resolutions and see how awesome [or terribly] I've done!~

1: Wear lolita at least ONCE A MONTH: Eh. I kind of did this? Only because I would wear it to cons. And I went to a few events every now and again. I know I didn't wear it nearly as much as I really wanted to but I've still felt so awesome every time I've done so! I really do want to wear it more :( I've been a lone lolita for so long... maybe it's time to try and actually join the local com...

2: Learn to create video showing off the detail of dresses: Yeah this never happened. I still continue to take photos but no videos have ever been created. I'm still not really sure where or how I'd want to do so. Like on a dress form? just hanging up? Lying down flat? Actually ON someone? Maybe some day I'll come back to this.

3: Stop buying things just because they're cute: A success!! Which has actually made me miss out on a few things I really like lol. But that's ok. When I plan to buy something or conclude that I actually WANT something I always go over my wardrobe in my mind- like what do I have I could wear with this item? Does it go with more than one blouse? How many pairs of shoes do I have that would look good with it? I find that this does help a lot to stop me from spending so much on things only to end up with a lot of pieces I have to sell in the end due to not having anything that really goes together. Or ending up with a cut that looks terrible.


Pretty average at best. I am a bit sad I didn't do the video bit but there will still be more chances as I work towards upping my online content creation :) So what have I decided to do for 2016? After a lot of thought I've picked out a few goals to work towards for this year

1: Streamline my ENTIRE wardrobe for cohesion: And when I mean entire wardrobe I mean the ENTIRE thing- even my non lolita clothing. I've been wanting to greatly reduce the amount of clothing I own so I figured a good way of going about this would be to incorporate things that are more versatile in many outfits. This will involve getting rid of a LOT of clothes but that's OK since my style has changed a lot even within the past 2 years :)

2: Sew some dresses (and other things): I have a lot of cute fabrics that could be used for plain dresses with structure details. Some of my favorite dresses from Angelic Pretty lately have been their non-print pieces and I'm feeling rather inspired by them to sew my own. It would also be a good use for a lot of fabrics I've collected over the years~ I'm also thinking of sewing some regular dresses to wear that are somewhat lolita inspired. I really do love a lot of dresses I've seen by ShopApricity that I've been wanting to purchase but I also think some of the fabrics I have could be used for such dresses :)

3: More versatile shoes, less lolita-specific shoes: I LOVE lolita shoes. They were one of the reasons I got into lolita in the first place- the shoes were just so darn cute! But buying lolita-specific shoes means more closet space and shoes I don't wear much; which is good for keeping them nice but bad for the initial idea I have of consolidating my lolita and regular wardrobes. I don't much wear high-heels as is so a lot of lower heels and cute shoes I can find will probably be very acceptable in lolita. There's only one way to find out! And I do love shoes :3c

Definitely going for a larger goal of getting rid of most of my regular clothes and wearing more lolita-esque and feminine clothes overall. I do really love cute dresses and skirts so making this transition is something that's exciting for me! And is also something I've been wanting to do for a good number of years.

Lolita was just the gateway.

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