~Personal Stuff~

Where do you live?
I currently reside just outside Portland proper in Oregon. I LOVE it here and grew up in the area but because of that I also get extreme cases of wanderlust. I tend to just move around the area but as of now I'm on the East side of Portland.

What do you do for a living?
As a job? I work in large-scale manufacturing. It's pretty much a glorified assembly line and the management is fairly abusive and terrible. Currently working my bloomers off to find something else and somewhat become self sufficient! (Thus the various shops I am selling things in ^.^)

How long have you been into cosplay?
I actually... often forget this haha. So it's probably best I put this down in writing. I have been cosplaying since 2003 with my first con being Sakuracon! I don't attend many cons a year (maybe two or three) due to work schedules and such *mega sadface!* :C I do hope to remedy this soon though!! I want to cosplay more and travel lots!

How long have you been into lolita?
I've only been actively into lolita since 2012 but I do remember seeing things years and years ago in the "Gothic and Lolita Bible" and just absolutely drooling over those dresses. I was much more attracted to classic back then though ^^;; Despite that I still consider myself a newb~

What other hobbies do you have?
I RE~ALY like drawing haha. I draw a LOT and used to doodle a ton in school. I think everyone should draw more! Even if you're "bad". KEEP GOING! DO THE THING!
I also really love video games but I'm so far behind on new systems and technologies that I'm very... retro. I mostly just end up replaying my old PS1 games or casually play NDS games. Besides that though it's typical boring things like reading, dancing, singing badly, and cats *shrug*

~ Business Stuff ~

Can I use your photos for _____?
ASK ME FIRST PLEASE. Generally I'm OK with sending someone the unedited files if they want to make a background or something else. But if you just want to repost them on Tumblr/Reddit/Etc please don't. I have accounts there and will more than likely post them myself. And I do implore you to PLEASE NOT USE MY PHOTOS TO SELL THINGS D: If you need help finding a stock photo I almost always link them in my posts. And while I understand that someone may pull a photo from Google image search it's still just gaaaahhh frustrating.

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