Sunday, July 26, 2015

Newcon Mini - Last Minute Event

His eyes were red from swimming :P I swear!
I honestly had no intention of attending Newcon's mini event in Portland at all. That is until I had told my friend Ryan about it and he decided it would be his last "hoorah" before moving back to Texas for a bit (he does promise to come back anyway.)
I basically went to work, came home super early (around 4am) and just crashed ASAP in an attempt to get as much rest as I could. The event started at 10am but I knew in my heart of hearts I would not be able to be up, ready, and out the door in time. Especially since I had no idea what I even wanted to wear yet! The weather seemed super iffy and was drizzling a bit all morning so cosplay was a bit, well, out of the question really. I had nothing suited for the cold yet mild atmosphere- only things that would leave me sweating or painfully cold.
So lolita it was.
But what dress? I have no idea!!