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Newcon Mini - Last Minute Event

His eyes were red from swimming :P I swear!
I honestly had no intention of attending Newcon's mini event in Portland at all. That is until I had told my friend Ryan about it and he decided it would be his last "hoorah" before moving back to Texas for a bit (he does promise to come back anyway.)
I basically went to work, came home super early (around 4am) and just crashed ASAP in an attempt to get as much rest as I could. The event started at 10am but I knew in my heart of hearts I would not be able to be up, ready, and out the door in time. Especially since I had no idea what I even wanted to wear yet! The weather seemed super iffy and was drizzling a bit all morning so cosplay was a bit, well, out of the question really. I had nothing suited for the cold yet mild atmosphere- only things that would leave me sweating or painfully cold.
So lolita it was.
But what dress? I have no idea!!

I think this looks better on Ryan than it does
on me XD dammit!
While pondering my own attire I joked with Ryan that he should wear my Weresheep cosplay. At first he wanted to wear that terrible Halloween store Sailor Moon again I had bought a few years back but I didn't think it'd fit him at all anymore since he had put on a lot of muscle. So joking about Weresheep turned into "I wonder if you could seriously fit this" to "holy crap it looks so good on you!" hahaha XD So after getting him all situated in the cosplay I sent him and his buddy Jake along with Vince off to the con while I tried to make a quick decision on what to wear.

I had recently bought the Angelic Pretty "Shuwashuwa ☆ POP" jumperskirt in blue and had it in my mind that since this would be a mini and thus more casual event that I could just throw a cute outfit together from that. The dress is cute enough to be worn rather plain and still look cute so I figured it was my best bet. It would also be a good trial run with it to see how the dress fit and looks without too much scrutiny ^^;;

I had a few issues figuring some things out like what wig I wanted to wear and the like. The default I usually use was in need of some TLC so I was hesitant at first but chose it anyway. I hastily at the con threw it into a side braid to hide the fact that it's getting a bit frazzled- but that very fact seemed to help plump up the braid some so it didn't fall too flat :)

I quickly found my friend Jerry and started chatting with him about how the morning has gone since I showed up some 2+ hours after the con started. It seems as though I didn't really miss much since the con would mostly be consisting of panels and thus lines. Just lines forever.
I figured I'd buy a membership (which was only a pink bracelet?) in case there WAS anything I was really interested in going to- but as it stood at that exact moment I was just overall disinterested. Maybe I was still tired or maybe I just really didn't like lines. I'm not sure which it was. But at the very least I should support the con?
As I was gathering my money to pay for my entry I realized I had the exact amount needed in gold Sacagawea dollar coins and figured it was a good opportunity to get rid of them. Jerry thought the idea of paying in all coins was hilarious and a few other or my friends I found along the way had a hearty laugh about the notion. Personally I just wanted to get rid of the coins so why not make it entertaining as well? Eheheh ^^
So I walk up to the booth and hold out my closed hand with all the change in it. The girl helping me thought I was just demanding a wrist band and kept repeating to me that admission was $10. So I finally said "I know. I'm trying to hand you the money. Please put out your hand." She was confused for a slight second and after cupping her hands I dropped the change and she just stood mouth agape. I didn't really think it was too surprising or exciting considering I usually get about $40 in quarters at a time for doing laundry, but she hammed it up and people laughed :) so it was still pretty fun. I really do wonder what her reaction would be had I dropped quarters into her hands though haha

In hindsight I think I very much could have gotten away with NOT paying for the con since I never ended up going to any of the events ~_~;; I just kind of hung around with friends in common areas and at the park across the street. Vince was taking pictures of Erika and Megan in their fabulous Utena cosplays! Seriously love those girls :3c they're pretty much my OTP. I was just kind of doinking about though... not doing much *shrug* I'm not very exciting at cons eheheh
Can you find me? :P
When I went back into the building real quick I had a few staffers ask if I was late for the lolita fashion show (I didn't even know there was one!) and I had a lot of people compliment my dress :) I had one girl exclaim "FINALLY! NOT PINK!" and from that point on I started paying attention to what all the other girls were dressed in. Yeah... she was right! Lots of pink! And I was decked out in all blue and white XD I really didn't even think much of it until that point!

I ended up getting a few photos taken by someone but as of yet I haven't been able to find them. He seemed like a really cool photographer and I guess a few of my other photobros knew him? But I had never met him before! If I remember right I think he was from the Tacoma/Seattle area. I hope he publishes those photos soon cause I would really like to see them :)

♥ Because friends ♥ 

I guess one problem with the con specific is that the event space was double booked with a wedding. I feel really bad when this happens since I know that the con crowd can get really loud and sometimes rowdy as well. The hotel basically pushed the convention attendees up to the second floor but since the easiest way to get to that was via the staircases that were right among the wedding party... it probably still made for some interesting wedding photos. I'm just happy to say that I didn't hear any complaints via the grape vine. It seems a lot of people had fun despite the weather being iffy at best and the con space being literally cut by two thirds.

By the end of the night our little group ended up at the Stanford's across the street. It was the same server that has been the the past few times I've shown up with a group of con friends haha. I just remember that he's really friendly and totally awesome :) I also remember him about to change the channel on the TV over our heads to something else and everyone was all "Nooo!!!" cause Harry Potter was on hahaha I much rather it be that than sports honestly. I'd at least have an excuse to zone out and watch the TV if I was feeling too overwhelmed.

All in all I hung out a lot in Lloyd Center Mall with friends to eat, at the hotel pool, and in the park. It was a mellow- just how I prefer.
I really shouldn't have bought a badge though :\

Photo by On Impulse Photography
The one really awesome thing (in my opinion) that happened was that Albert took a picture of me! :D In all this time I've known him and have been hanging out with him this is what I believe to be the first photo he's done that was just a selfie or joking photos or the like :) I'm really proud of him and how much he's been learning and evolving with his photography! ♥

Why you shouldn't let me use your camera. I take goofy pictures like this!

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