Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cosplay Taobao order #1: HOLY SH!T TONS OF WIGS

I think I went a WEE bit overboard on ordering wigs off of Taobao. 2 of which are for another person but the rest are all "mineminemineminemine" hahaha. A few of which will be sold off depending. I ordered 2 different wigs for stocking and whichever one I like better I will keep. I'll list off what I got with the URLs below (in case ya'll want to look or buy as well.) Once I get these in I will for sure go camera happy and write up some reviews. Especially since I made orders from newer shops/shops with lower ratings.
Here goes...

The ever so infamous Stocking wig that everyone and their grandmas has ordered but no one has posted pictures of really. This photo is also being used by a few random cosplay sites online but I have NO CLUE if it's the same wig.

I ordered this for Togame since it's awesomely long. I'm afraid to ruin it but will do everything in my power to prevent that. I thought it was pretty much perfect XD

The Panty wig my friend ordered. She was torn between this one and  another one that was more yellow... We agreed this would look much less fake and would probably go better with her already pale complexion.

Fairly self explanatory...

This was much too pretty of a wig not to get! For Rule 63 Stocking... aka Tubesocks? I can't remember exactly what everyone has been calling him haha

Another Rule 63 Stocking wig. Except I plan to use this as a base for making a pigtailed wig for Stocking's roller girl outfit.

TWO TONE MIKU WIG DO WANT. I ran across this shop about a day or so before /cgl/ started linking to it and asking questions about it. I know I have a billion Miku wigs already but this wig is just.. so... PRETTY. I couldn't help myself.

Susukihotaru wig... so cute. I love this character. I'm totally torn on cosplaying her or Zakuro though so I also got her wig. I liked this one better than the one Fantasysheep carries because of the darker color. Hope it turns out just as pretty when I get it!

Zakuro wig with an actual pigtail wig base = happy me! I have to admit I was torn on getting this one or Fantasysheep's only because I liked that FS's is BLACK and not the gray. However the gray is much closer to what Zakuro's hair really should be. Also FS's was a short wig with clip on pigtails and having them so low I know I would hurt myself. Plus I really like the pigtailed deal... it'll be easier to add her 6 FREAKING HAIRBOWS... ~_~;;

Short tailed Miku wig. Because I would have felt terrible buying a long tailed one just to cut it short :( also wasted money? No thanks. This'll be for rolling girl Miku. And if the colors match with the pretty 2-tone wig I can wear copious amounts of pigtail clips together? IDFK.. haha

The OTHER Stocking wig I ordered. Darker blue color but also a darker pink. Who knows which one I'll like better though? And which one will LOOK better ON ME. Hahaha... I will sell off the extra one I end up not wanting.
I'm afraid to get my total back but this hasn't happened yet! So I can daydream about the pretty things I'll get in the mail without knowing how much it'll hit my pocket book... yet.


  1. those wigs are beautiful *o* cant wait for a review!!!

  2. Daaaamn that's a lot of wigs! Can't wait to hear back on the P&S ones and the Miku wigs.

  3. holy bill of rights, you weren't kidding when you said shit tons of wigs! And they're all so high quality too *-* Can't wait for the complete cosplays <3

  4. Togame from katanagatari?! YAY~

    Ohhh~ I've wanted to order something from taobao for a while as well. Good luck with your cosplays~

  5. I really want the short miku wig, but I can't understand a word on their site... Do you know how to order it, of if they sell it elsewhere?