Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I -finally- got word from my boss that I have the days off for SakuraCon! I'm really excited about this since Liz and I decided last night we would do Angel Panty and Stocking together :D Also their school uniforms. Nothing else is really planned at the moment I don't think... Kelsey wanted me to be her Ami in the Sailor Moon group she's doing so I'm totally down with that haha. I love Ami... she's my favorite by far >3<!!!
As for ideas as to what I'll make? Crap I dunno. I DO know I wanted to try and get Decade-tan done! This would be EPIC but also rather tough. I think I can do it though if I really get myself to buckle down on it. Building and sewing it though will involve things I have never tried before so I'm really afraid to mess up!
Yes.... Decade as in Kamen Rider. I'm a goob for these shows I swear. Decade has one of my favorite designs and after looking at some girl designs online to sketched out my own. The friends I have that are also into Tokusatsu approved of it so I just may make it! Blahh... who knows!

As for my TaoBao order it turns out that some of the wigs were either sold out or the shop owners were still not back from holiday. From my previous post the wigs were the first Stocking wig shown, the P&S patches, and the short Miku wig. Sadface. I really wanted the Stocking wig! Although I do remember that Arda wigs was planning on coming out with one in March! So I may wait to see what theirs looks like before I try and order this other one again. And perhaps the second choice Stocking wig will work out wonderfully! I don't know until I get it :)

Right now though I'm just looking for possible room space for SakuraCon... oi oi oi


  1. Good news on your time off - SakuraCon looks awesome

  2. The other stocking wig is nice too! I like the Panty one as well. It's ok, you still have lots of other lovely wigs coming in the mail :)

  3. Awesome, I'm glad you got those days off. I still need to pay for my taobao order just some shoes and a petticoat.

    I hope you'll find someone to room with.