Monday, February 7, 2011

Second month of 2011- and what progress has been made?

Still no trim at the fabric store for Pirate Miku. I am now officially putting her on the back burner. Instead I went through my boxes from when I moved and pulled out a half-started costume from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.
It's a totally random DVD box set art picture I fell in love with. Sakura's outfit is rather amazing and I was also working on Sayoran's for a friend (but he lives in Chicago.) I haven't touched this thing in a long time to going through the pieces and sorting out what's what is a bit annoying. However while making headway on the outfit this past weekend I'm rather excited to see it finished; though who knows when that'll be ^^;; eheheh...

SakuraCon is rather fast approaching; though this year it's at the END of April and not the beginning. What is with cons absolutely HAVING to be on the holiday weekend? There's a possibility I won't be able to go because it's at the end of the month. A lady at work is due to go on maternal leave about that time and if I ask for the days off it's more than likely I'll be told "No" simply because she's gone. Kinda burns my toast.

Thus I am worried about making any group plans with anyone for Scon. Zach was talking about how funny it'd be to get a Vegetable Juice Kaito outfit together since I have Miku. I also am nearly done making school girl Stocking and Liz said she'd make Panty to go along with mine. I was also thinking that since I usually walk about a lot on my own it'd be fun to make something new and awesome so I was looking into making Magical Emi. Yep... so old school!! But so good haha. Also I've been finding a small network of friends that would be willing to put together a Tenchi Muyo group :3 but that would probably be for another con.

Despite the silly stuff surrounding the scheduling (say that 5 times fast) I won't stop working on costumes. PD2 Magnet Miku is coming along rather slowly due to me making most of it from fabric I already have first. It's looking rather interesting though (another costume Liz said she'd make Luka to go with me as.)

Sophie is also on hold until I can find a wig I want/like enough for her. Arda just came out with an amazing pigtail wig I could easily use and just add extra hair to but they don't have it in the lavender color I need. However I -was- told by their staff that they can custom order the wig in the color I want; those girls are truly awesome. That's up in the air though as well since Sophie has a ways to go.

I feel so disorganized working on so many things at once :(

In other news I will be getting a serger from my friend as a gift. It was an investment for a clothing line he wanted to start but the girl whom was supposed to sew things from him has made nothing and now refuses to return the machine to him. He told me that after he gets it back through small claims court (yikes) he'll give it to me. I guess I'm one of the only people he knows whom also sews. I've also been talking about starting to make things to sell so perhaps now it'll be an investment in me haha.

Lots done and lots to do.


  1. I was suppose to go to Sakura con with a few friends but they all backed out on me so I'm not going anymore.
    Good luck with your cosplay. ^^

  2. Wow it sounds like you have a lot of cosplays going on! You can do it :D

  3. Hang in there, you can do it! Your plans sound awesome :)

    It's awfully nice of your friend to give you that serger too, especially all the trouble he had to go through to get it back!