Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lolita Resolutions 2016

In 2016 my views on lolita as a hobby have changed greatly. While I still love and enjoy it I quickly find myself being drawn more and more to multi-use pieces and more toned-down sweet/classic hybrids. I still love a lot of Angelic Pretty's older super sweet prints but I really do enjoy the new more subtle and toned-down pieces they've been releasing. I've also found a ton of their non-print dresses that I adore but am having one heck of a time finding D: So while on the hunt I'm getting more and more of an urge to start sewing my own- which honestly is a good idea! Since I have so much nice random fabric in my bins and almost nothing to use it for >_>;;

Anyway. Let's take a look back on last years resolutions and see how awesome [or terribly] I've done!~

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cosplay Resolutions 2016

Honestly I'm not going to need to go over my 2015 resolutions because I can say straight up that I did NONE of it.

Not a single resolution was met and to be frank I am not at all surprised but am also a bit upset. I love sewing; I really do. But I have fallen out of cosplay in such a weird way that I find almost no time for sewing anymore. It eats me up inside when I think of how little I have gotten done cosplay-wise when compared to how many years I've been into the hobby. I've known people that can churn out 20+ costumes in a year and I don't think I've even COMPLETED that many over the decade+ since I started *sigh*

So, honestly, for this year, for 2016, all I want to do is make at least ONE cosplay I'm proud of. That's it.

In reality that's a very tough thing for me. Generally when I've created, well... ANYTHING, I've always found things I knew I could do better and where I made mistakes, Maybe it's just the issue of being a creative type of person but I really hate that all I see are the flaws in my work. On the other hand I also know that that is what drives me to improve.

So again... my only goal of 2016 is TO MAKE A COSPLAY I AM PROUD OF.

Good luck me >_>;;


Realistically though I also want to add that I want to get better at make-up. Because that is also something I just so totally fail at in almost every aspect. I'm on par with a 13 year old girl playing in the mud outside with my make up capabilities (maybe because this is literally what I did at age 13.)