Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lolita Resolutions for 2015

It's that time again! Resolutions resolutions resolutions. I would be a liar if I didn't say looking back on my old post makes me feel a bit nostalgic. A LOT can change in a year- lives, tastes, pathways we walk, people we meet that influence us. Life is interesting like that though :) We're always evolving as humans and with such we seem to always change what we want and feel we need.
However... my resolutions never seem to change LOL at least not by much.

Time to review my old resolutions for 2014 and see how well I fared this time~

1: Streamline my wardrobe with versatile pieces- I would say I achieved this! I've been able to whittle down my solid interests and color schemes so items are more easily used in multiple outfits. It's like people who have their color and hardly wear others. I've been drawn to mint lolita dresses and as such have a lot of pink and brown items. I also have a lot of brown or black dresses so the pink and browns carry to that. I'm happy I'm not all over the place with my colors.

I also tried a few pink dresses this year and learned that the pink Angelic Pretty uses on a lot of their dresses just does NOT suit my skin tone in the least bit! Maybe if they used a more dusty rose color I could pull them off? No pastel pinks for me though~ which is OK since there's more and more mint a lavender options being released!

2: Buy one "dream wishlist" item- Not failed! Hooray!! I was able to buy the original release of Dream Sky in navy! Though it was the OP I'm still happy about it! I've taken some pictures of it to add into my HD lolita series I'm working on but haven't had a chance yet to edit the photos. I'm really glad I bought my new camera for all the reviews of Bodyline items I've been doing. I hope they photos and my rambling help SOMEONE with their shopping :)

3: Make a lolita friend! I'm not sure if I failed or succeeded at this one...? I've made friends with a few people whom are interested in lolita but not people that actively dress in it. Maybe in the least bit I can steer them clear of trash websites haha

Pretty good year 2014. Things were rocky... my year wasn't exactly the greatest to be frank and it's ending on a sour and low note. But I hope that I can wake up to 2015 with a but more of a fresh start feeling. I hope it does help even if just mentally to know that the calendar is changing haha. I think I'll also write up cosplay resolutions for 2015; but for now onto the LOLITA 2015 RESOLUTIONS *throws confetti*

1: Wear lolita at least ONCE A MONTH: I think I wore it a grand total of 4 times this year :'( It's becomes my "I don't want to wear a cosplay but I still want to look cute" default I fall back on lol. girls? (hrm...)

2: Learn to create video showing off the detail of dresses: I've Been doing this through pictures I post but I want to also try and post videos. I have minimal experience using my DSLR for video and as such want to do so even more.

3: Stop buying things just because they're cute: Seriously. I have a problem with this. I like cute things. it's a weak spot for me! But instead of buying something just because it's cute I need to consider if it will even look good on me or fit right.

I am very ready for 2015 to happen. 2014 has sadly not been a kind year to me nor my family. And as annoying as I'll find it to write all the wrong dates on things for some time I am very ready to take on the new year!

Happy New Year! <3

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