Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015

And now for my final installment in my series of new years resolution posts. I've already made one for cosplay as well as one for lolita; I suppose it's only logical that I also add one for my normal boring life eheheh... >_>;; I know that a lot of times when people make these resolutions they stick with them for all of a month or so before waning interest in completion or just plain giving up! Though, let's be honest, a lot of times when other's set goals to lose weight they don't seem to realize just how much work it takes! And how slow the process can be... so they fail. I don't want that. I really don't want to fail I want to succeed in making myself and my life better.

I know a few of these are going to be carry-overs from my last year. But it's because I totally spaced out or was just generally enthused with myself a lot last year. 2014 was pretty dang tough on me emotionally. However, without giving a shit for sounding cliche, I really am going to try for a "new year, new me" goal. I'll make it a reality!

1: DRAW MORE: I have been gifted wonderfully beautiful sketchbooks Christmas 2013 by my family and this past year Liz and Albert gave me a basic 12 color set of Copics ;_; I really want to learn to use them better! My friends have given me such wonderful things I never had the drive to buy for myself. So I really feel as though drawing, and overall just doing more art, is the best way I can think of to pay them back for their kindness! I used to only draw when I felt really lonely or sad but I want to get myself to draw more just because I want to draw. I want to learn to use the tools I've been given. I want to get better at it.

2: EXERCISE MORE: Not necessarily "lose weight". I'm fine in that department. My doctor has told me that I'm healthier than a good 70% of people my own age so it's not weight I want to lose. I just want to be fit. I want to be able to run a mile without feeling like I'm going to die; whereas now I can run maybe a block and I'm huffin' and puffin' :/ I also don't want to look so blobular in my cosplay is something on my arm is too tight. I guess, in short, I just want to build more muscle mass and overall fitness.

3: LEARN TO COOK MEAT [well]: Haha It sounds silly, I know. I really have an aversion to cooking meat. Not eating it. I'm not vegetarian or anything. I just don't like the texture of raw meat so I very rarely, if ever, cook it. With some meats like bacon I tend to burn it because I don't know how to tell when it's done. I know red meat isn't considered healthy to consume a lot of but as of now I have red meat for a meal maybe once every-other week. And, honestly, my body -does- feel a lot better after I consume it >_>

4: NEW JOB: I've been saying this for years. I know. My sister-in-law calls it a "comfortable misery" and she understands because that's where she is as well. Truthfully though my current workplace has become so toxic I have had thoughts of "stepping in to traffic would be less painful than going to work". I try not to rant about the negativity online anymore or well, to anyone because I know doing so can be bad. But the toxicity has leeched heavily into my life and psyche and I need to get away from it. It really does seem like an abusive relationship I can't escape from :/ too bad companies really aren't people or else I could get a restraining order and alimony LOL.
Regardless. Yes. New job. New me. And hopefully a social life ;_;

5: DE-CLUTTER AND DE-JUNK: I have a lot of stuff. Manga I don't read, DVDs I don't care for, figures, anime magazines etc etc. I don't want it anymore. I know I could toss it or just donate it all to Goodwill or Salvation Army but both companies back end bullshit keeps me from giving them anything anymore (seriously). So I'm attempting the slow process of selling things online. I want to cut down the amount of "stuff" I have by a good 50% because, really. I have too much crap! And I'm sick of moving it from place to place!

6: START YOUTUBE AGAIN: I really want to make more videos again. Maybe not vlogs necessarily since I want to use my blog here a LOT more. I was thinking of doing fly-cam style cosplay and lolita stuff similar to what people already do but... different ^^;; Whatever I do though I want to create more videos and learn video editing!

Let's see how well I can keep these up. Some are going to be really really slow processes and some are going to be really scary or big changes. But they're all things I really should do u_u as painful as it may be haha

What are your new years resolutions?

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