Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cosplay Resolutions 2015

I have YET to do a cosplay resolutions post and thus I really think one is overdue. I never make plans with my cosplay anymore and tend to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I do really want to pick up my game more this year and push myself to make more cosplay. I always work so slow and enthusiastically on things that it's almost... sad ~_~;; not saying there's anything wrong with being slow at it; just that I personally know I work too damn slow and am able to do so much more. And so I am making myself some hefty resolutions for cosplay this year!

1: FINISH EVERYTHING YOU ALREADY HAVE STARTED: I have a ton of cosplay half finished hanging up or things I put aside to work on other "more important" cosplay (usually things people want to pair up with.) I think at current my KNOWN amount of unfinished is somewhere around 7? Ugh :(

2: FINISH ONE COSPLAY PER MONTH: this is going to be hard. But it doesn't necessarily have to be something I've made from scratch. I have a LOT of characters I want to do and so I need to step it up with my production speeds!

3: MAKE ARMOR: I have next to no knowledge in this. I HAVE purchased worbla but it's just sitting in the corner still rolled up >_>;;

4: LEARN TO WORK WITH LEDS: I believe I can figure this out... I have a LOT of things I want to make all glowy and neat but it's always kind of intimidated me a bit. Maybe once I learn with worbla the LEDs won't be so daunting haha

5: BUY AND LEARN HOW TO USE A SERGER: seriously I have been wanting to learn to use one for many years now. I haven't though to purchase one but the more I try to work with stretch materials the more I really freaking want one. Ugh... It'd make swimsuits so much easier.

I know I'm setting some pretty darn lofty goals but these are ALL things I've been wanting to do for some time now; so putting them down really makes me feel like I HAVE to commit to upping my game and advancing my skills. Let's do this!!


  1. I have a serger at home that I've used to sew chiffon with. The machine itself is a bit finicky but it sews super good, like spreading butter on warm toast good.

    1. Oh geez that sounds wonderful :O~~
      (despite the finicky part...)
      I've been wanting one for a while for doing rolled hems and working with knits. I've also come to understand that it's wonderful for making ruffles!