Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Bodyline order of the year~

It took all the way until February for me to make a Bodyline order! I'm honestly a bit proud of myself! Haha really though I don't order from them a lot- maybe once every 3 months is that? Regardless I made an order just last night because of some items Bodyline released recently! I also needed to snag up some shoes for some cosplay before they were totally sold out, so I took the opportunity to do so while also getting the new boots they released!
First off I ordered shoes160 to use for my white Chaika cosplay from "Hitsugi no Chaika" I liked the sole better on shoe249 but they're sold out of everything in my size ~_~;; So I opted for something else. I might search around for used ones or hold out in hopes that they restock- so the shoes/feet will probably be the last bit I work on. I've got massive amounts of crafting for this cosplay so it's not as though I will get to the shoes too quickly. All the bows, straps, and buckles will be removed so I can make the shoe cover. It seems like a good idea to hold onto the buckles in case any break on my other shoes.

Next up I ordered shoes259 in dark pink (dpik) for my "Niji iro no Kuma Kuma" Ranka cosplay! I've been wanting to make this cosplay for some time now! I know that her shoes are supposed to look more like BtSSB's Lumiere shoes with the curled heel but the simple 3 straps are more accurate on these and I won't feel so bad about adding the details and painting the sole a different color ^^;; If I ever managed to find some replicas with the curl heel or even some skinny heeled platform shoes I wouldn't kill myself in to alter I would probably opt for that. Regardless I think these shoes will be cute and just right for the cosplay with very little alteration~ yay :3

S506 is the new boot design Bodyline released just the other day. I've been watching the site for these ever since they started prepping the Rakuten page to put them on sale XD I am torn between thinking these are the cutest shoes Bodyline has ever made to also wondering how potentially hideous they'll look worn. I originally wanted to get them in pink and brown as those are the accent colors I use most in my wardrobe. I decided to opt for just the brown now so I could first try them on and see how they look before committing to getting two pairs. Bodyline also priced these quite high! They started out listed as $93 (USD) without the "yen trick" and were around $48 after converting back to USD. I bet they'll still sell out too! Let's hope they aren't terribly hard material like their rose boots ;(

I sometime's poke around on Bodyline's "sundries" section because you never know what you'll find. I ended up looking through their glasses and found these red wayfarer style glasses that have the semi-clear frame like I've been looking for! I bought these for Mirai from "Kyoukai no Kanata" as the ones that came with my wig are a very flat, fake, fire-engine red color I am not a fan of. There were super cheap so even if they're garbage I can just throw them in my niece's costume box or something. The item code is sun132.

Ordered, paid and got my e-mail confirmation on Saturday (Feb 7th). I know Bodyline gets really bogged down at times so I'll be interested to see how quickly they may or may not ship my items. They broke this order up into 3 packages so I'll pretty much be getting one pair of shoes at a time haha. My mail worker might end up hating me XD oh well.

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  1. I'm so curious about the boots! They look so nice! Have you received them yet?