Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Store Review] Catzia's Sailor Senshi Tiaras (Magenta Sailor Moon and Dark Blue Mercury/Uranus)

Finally. After all these years. I will once again be cosplaying from Sailor Moon! And thus, finally, I have found the perfect excuse to order the brass tiaras from Catzia's Collectibles! I've always wanted one and had been eyeing them for so long. But I really felt like Sailor Moon cosplay was much better done in a group. And with the reboot of the series ala "Sailor Moon Crystal" what better chance for fans to start showing their senshi pride? :3 I was asked by a local group of cosplay girls to be in their group for SakuraCon as Sailor Mercury! And I could NOT be happier! Mercury is one of my very top favorite girls and I am so excited to dress as her finally~!

After like NO discussion the group agreed that the tiaras from Catzia were pretty dang awesome so instead of making our own we decided to buy them. I ended up ordering two >_> I really was mulling it over between their PGSM light blue or the dark blue for Mercury; it was honestly a tough decision. I know the blue is more "anime accurate" but I was trying to think of what color would better match the fabric I've using for my cosplay. I also ordered the special hot pink colored gem as, personally, I prefer using magenta for Sailor Moon instead of the red! I have had the fabric for a Sailor Moon cosplay for about 6 years now but never really got around to actually sewing it (ugh). However now I totally am on fire with wanting to make ALL the senshi!! I really want to do a human Luna too! Like the PGSM luna but maybe older? A hybrid between her manga outfit and the PGSM design... or is that just totally cringe worthy? haha

That can happen later though...

DARK BLUE TIARA (black elastic)
From end to middle gem: 3in (7.6cm)
Approximate total length: 6in (15.2cm)
Width at ends: 0.5in (1.27cm)
Width at gem: 7/8ths inches (2.22cm)

Color true to stock photo? Yes- though the blue is a deeper blue it is very close to the stock photo.

This is a really rich blue! A very true color crayon -esque blue. It's lovely and would be perfect for the original anime Mercury or manga/anime Uranus. However I don't think it suits the cerulean blue of Crystal Mercury :( This is where I wish I bought the lighter blue color; I could have colored the gem over with sharpie or something to achieve the blue I needed to match the fabric better. I still will keep and use this tiara as I plan on making the older color schemed outfit as well but for Crystal Mercury I really can't recommend this tiara color.
The tiara itself is strong and has a black felt backing. I'm not sure why they chose black for the backing. In my opinion a color more similar to the tiara color would work a lot better- a golden or yellow color. I don't think it runs the risk of showing but it's just a small thing I find strange.

From end to middle gem: 3in (7.6cm)
Approximate total length: 6in (15.2cm)
Width at ends: 0.5in (1.27cm)
Width at gem: 7/8ths inches (2.22cm)

Color true to stock photo? Stock photo is very light looking. The gem in person is much more vivid and saturated pink.

Holy moly this tiara is beautiful! I LOVE how much more pink the gem is in person compared to the stock photo! It is seriously pretty and looks amazing with the gold coloring of the metal! I am so happy I chose to go with the pink instead of red for Sailor Moon because this thing is going to stand out and look just lovely!
The felt on the back of the tiara is also a hot pink. I'm a bit confused again by the color choice but I know that it will probably not show when worn.

In addendum I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase more tiaras from this shop :) Now that I've seen the quality of them in person I might be a wee pit addicted! And I will certainly be going back for any future senshi cosplay I will be needing a tiara for~

I did find some scratches on the front near the gem and a dent on the tiara that slightly upsets me... I understand that these things can't be 100% defect free but I'm a bit sad about it. The dent I can live with but the fine scratches annoy me and I'm not sure how to get rid of them :(

Sailor Mercury earrings (3 gem)
length: 1in (2.54cm)
Width (of largest gem): 7/16th inch (1.11cm)
Color true to stock: yep!

These things are kinda... messy. There is a plastic base the gems are glued to but there are little glue strings all over the gems and earring clips! Some bits of the white plastic base are much bigger than the gems as well and sticks out and shows passed them :( I'm going to have to put in a bit of work cleaning these up and making them less, well, messy looking. I suppose for the price I shouldn't complain too much but it's kind of frustrating in the end.

They're of good quality though and are very pretty blue color. I might color them a wee bit darker with a sharpie though as this is a very very light blue that matches no other blues on the cosplay I'm working on (Sailor Moon Crystal version of Mercury). They also are much MUCH lighter than the standard dark blue tiara one would use for Mercury. These -are- listed as PGSM earrings though so I'm not surprised as they match the light blue tiara the shop carries much better so be sure you think of this before you decide to purchase.

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