Tuesday, December 9, 2014

[Bodyline review:] GOLD Classic yet sweet lolita shoes (Shoes300/s507)

Classic yet Sweet [link]
shoes300 (same as s507)
("gld" aka Gold)
[Review of beige color]

Heel Height: ~2in (5cm)

I have found a new favorite shoe from Bodyline.
I cannot get over just how cute they look and feel! I ordered a size 245 as I generally wear a US size 7.5 and they fit perfectly on me so I would say that they are "true to size".

The shoe design has enough room to wear them with thick socks though your toes -may- hit the end a bit if the strap isn't buckled down tight enough. But there's also enough room in the toe box, and overall shoe, to wear insoles if need be.

The shoes really are simple enough to be worn with a classic style outfit but also cute enough to be worn with sweet.

The gold on shoe251 and shoe300 are very different! Which do you like better? :)

[Review of Shoe300 in beige]

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