Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mid-August Update

Have you ever felt like you've been immensely busy while simultaneously getting nothing done?
That's so me right now.
It's a really crappy feeling and place to be in. I've been constantly cleaning, typing, taking pictures, etc and yet don't really have much to show for it? I had taken a bunch of photos of lolita items and, like a stupid, forgot to check my settings on my camera and thus the photos came out really grainy. I'm not sure if I want to try and salvage them or just retake them altogether.

I've had a TON of queued up posts I've been working on fleshing out over the past few weeks but another wrench was thrown into the process when Bodyline switched over their sites! At first I was excited thinking that they were going to fix the layout and make a lot of things look better but I, personally, find the new site way more of a pain to navigate than the old one. The problem pertaining to my posts though is that now all the old links I had for Bodyline products are broken; so I've been trying to go through everything to find the products on the new site to update the links with. It's been kind of annoying but I do want to keep things up to date for people that are interested in purchasing anything :/

So please be patient while I work on fixing up all those reviews~

In other news I get to dropped a rather large chunk of change on all the dental work I need. I surmise the dentist will want to put me back in braces with the way he was talking about things. I'm not entirely opposed to it but at the same time the cost... and just... yeah. I had braces for a long long time already. Everything got messed up WHEN THE FIRST NATION ATTACKED. No, really though. Everything got messed up when my wisdom teeth started coming in. I actually had to have one pulled out in what basically was an emergency because of how much pain it was causing me (swelling up my face and everything too.) The other side needs to be pulled and I have one that is also impacted. Which apparently is so bad it means surgery. And two weeks off from work for recovery. I can't afford or deal with going 2 weeks unpaid ~_~ I'm trying to look into if FMLA will cover it or if I can use short term disability but even then it will only be a small amount. I'll probably get yelled at by my boss as well *sigh* so that's the main stressor I've been dealing with as late; on top of the usual things.

I'm doing my best to stay positive though.

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