Sunday, February 28, 2016

*Angelic Pretty* Elisabeth Unicorn Special Set JSK [HD photos]

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It's very rare that a "special set" released by a brand catches my attention. But with Elisabeth Unicorn, a dress I love in so many colorways, the special set made me excited! Mint! DUSTY mint! At least 60% of my wardrobe is mint! And with the more toned-down sweet styling and coloration this dress is exactly the direction I want to go in with my lolita wardrobe.

The problem I found was how to get my hands on it. This dress was specifically made for the Osaka store and I had never have used a shopping service other than Japonica for things on Mbok. I pretty much gave up on ever figuring out out to get this dress... other than buying it secondhand. So I saved up and bid my time and waited for a price I was willing and able to pay.

And all the while the photos I would see of girls wearing the dress was such a taunt. But like most dresses after some time the popularity wanes or people decide they're not what they wanted :) so all I had to wait was for that to happen. And boy, I am NOT disappointed in this dress in the least bit!

Like most special set releases this dress does NOT have a built-in petticoat. However the fabric's weight is light enough that it can easily be held up with a petticoat and doesn't much need the extra help to achieve ideal poof :)

This photo is probably the closest I could manage to the actual color of this dress. 

I very seriously love this print now. Because of this special set I hope to get this print in another color! Ivory and Navy most likely though even the pink is beautiful. Angelic Pretty certainly made an amazing print that I just can not stop gushing over! If anyone was on the fence about hunting down Elisabeth Unicorn I do believe you will fall madly in love with your dress when you receive it!

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