Monday, March 9, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Navy Double-bow platform lolita shoes (Shoes255)

Double-bow platform Lolita Shoes [link]
("nav" aka Navy blue)
[Review of Gold]

Heel Height: in (9cm)
Front Platform: in (3cm)

I've been wanting some navy lolita shoes for a long while now! Navy/blue is a lolita colorway I'm very attracted to and liked the idea of having lolita shoes to match some of my dresses. When select styles of Bodyline's shoes started getting navy colors I was excited though skeptical; how accurate were the stock photos? Would they end up some weird green color like shoes274 are (though those shoes are super cute and I'd still love to buy them!) I took a chance buying shoes255 in their navy color so at the very least I could write up a review here ^^;;

These shoes are a very interesting color of navy. They aren't a vibrant color and lean a bit more towards a greyish-navy than anything. They're a colder color as well. It's not an ugly color by any means but it also doesn't go to well with anything I have. This type of navy I see more as a very "classic lolita" color than sweet. It might work in gothic but it also might clash badly with black- like it's not vibrant enough to look like anything but a faded navy. It's very strange and I found trying to photography the color difficult. I have included two comparison shots of the navy barrette from the first Dream Sky run as well as the hair scrunchie from the 2013 Dream Sky release in royal blue. I hope these photos better show what I mean about the color being subdued.

2011 Dream Sky Navy
2013 Dream Sky royal blue

The bows are nicely made and the straps feel very secure. Adjusting the ankle straps was a bit odd at forst but that was just to get the sizing right. The buckles are a matte silver color but almost look a bit weathered? I think the dull coloration of them looks good with the navy color of the shoe. I couldn't find any other obvious flaws that dealt with shoe construction or anything that would take away from the overall aesthetic of the shoes. I did notice a small odd crack in the inside fold of the first bow on the left shoe- almost like the material was cute a bit? It's hard to notice unless you scrutinize the shoes though it may lead to greater damage in that area with more wear.

Size wise I felt like the shoes were a bit too big on me. I ordered my usual size of 245 (7.5US) and they felt oddly big? I suppose if one were to wear socks with these though they would be just right. The shoe overall felt very clunky as though I was wearing a horseshoe of some sort. These platforms and heels are much MUCH larger than I am used to so in the end I don't think they really suited my style. I just felt odd wearing them so this style is just not for me ^^;;

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