Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Bodyline Review] Gold Double-bow platform lolita shoes (Shoes255)

Double-bow platform Lolita Shoes [link]
("gld" aka Gold)
[Review of Navy blue]

Heel Height: in (9cm)
Front Platform: in (3cm)

I decided to give these shoes a try as I am used to seeing a lot of platform shoes in classic style lolita. Bodyline had them for a really great price and had just decided to make them available in gold and navy color! I had seen a ton of girls wear these previously so I figured "eh, what the heck?" and bought some for myself :3

The fit is pretty good! I ordered my usual size (245 whereas I am a 7.5 in US sizes) and though they felt a bit biog the extra space could easily be "padded out" with the use of insoles of thicker socks. My only gripe about them was that they just didn't suit me. I felt weird wearing them and I think that's just mostly due to the platform. They really just weren't my style... oh well.
The shoes were wrapped really interestingly actually! They were wrapped in bubble-wrap as opposed to Bodyline's usual tissue. I'm actually glad for this as I felt it would keep the shoes safer. I've also noticed that when shoes are shipping with just the tissue they tend to puncture holes in the plastic bags used to ship them.

Sadly the bubble-wrap did NOT mean the shoes made it to me without issue. The front toes had indents on them; which totally confused me given all the wrapping. It wasn't so bad the material was torn but it certainly was noticeable.

Overall they're pretty cute shoes. I can see why people like them so much! They just aren't my style at all.

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